Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bias Makers

Some of you asked about the Clover bias maker. Here are a couple of pictures on how it works. It's SO easy. But please excuse the little ironing mat. I spilled coffee on it one morning! LOL. But I had to use this so I could put it up on my cutting table under the light to photo.

This is the 3/8" bias maker. They come in several sizes. There are instructions on the package as to how wide to cut your bias strips to fit the size you're working with. This one required 3/4" strips.

You just feed one end into the bias maker. It helps if the leading edge is cut at an angle. (I figured out this one the hard way!)

Then you press with an iron as you pull the fabric through the bias maker. I put the iron right up against the bias maker and move them as one unit, although I have them separated a bit for purposes of this picture.

Then when you've pulled the entire length of your strip through the bias maker, just flip it over and give it a good press.

This is my applique piece in process. I've already appliqued the vines down. It's so easy because there's no needle turning involved!

So pull your bias makers out and start using them! I can't believe I've been appliqueing for almost seven years and was too chicken to try them!! LOL

Every time I put something on the floor to take a picture, Daisy has to run over and drop a toy right near what I'm photographing. Today she chose the water bottle that she stole from me earlier! She loves playing with those! LOL


Becky said...

Good morning! I had to chuckle. I have coffee stains all over too, especially my van. It's dark in the mornings. Your directions on the bias maker are excellent. I have one that I haven't used. It's for a UFO that is in the middle of my fiinish it up list. Love Daisy's help. My Rusty was underfoot in the sewing room yesterday. I had to look for him every step. I did step on his tail once.

Have a great Sunday!
Becky in Georgia

Mar said...

I really need to find mine, I thought I had bought the wrong kind, so now they are lost! Thanks for the details Vicky!

Perry said...

Ok, Thanks for the tutorial! I will use my JoAnn's coupons and go get some of them. I have some applique going on too, and this will make it easier. Your portable pressing board looks a lot better than mine does, and I can't claim spilling coffee on it as an excuse, lol.

Nan said...

I have always wondered about bias makers, and have never wanted one because I didn't think they'd work. You have certainly changed my mind! Thank you for the tutorial - bias makers are on my shopping list now.
I love the fact that Daisy must "share" something of hers when you take a picture. What a funny girl she is!

Wendy said...

Love Bias makers...they are so easy to use!!