Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I had some embroidery to do on All Things Christmas before I can assemble the quilt. I learned to embroidery when I was under ten years old, and did needle work for years, but it's been 20 years since I've thought much about it.

I found a little stitch reference book I picked up back in 2001, and it has been most helpful. This was the last bit I did, and while there was some improvement from the first block, I've still got a long ways to go to be proficient. I so admire all of the bloggers out there who show their gorgeous embroidery. I've been collecting patterns, so it's time to just jump in and start one. I think I need to get a little hoop, too, because it was hard to handle the block while stitching.

Jeanne mentioned her embroidery floss last week. I would love to know how everyone stores their floss. I pulled out a big glob of floss that was all tangled up, and spent a couple of hours last night winding it on the little cardboard holders. Now at least I can find the end of it! LOL.

I'm making the two pieced star blocks that go in this block and then I can piece the top together. The next obstacle will be to figure out the borders!

Oh, and speaking of Christmas ....... well, I was talking about embroidery on a Christmas quilt ....... I LOVE the Moda fabric, Peace on Earth. Check out this quilt! :) :) :) :)

Back to the the stars. I want to assemble that top tomorrow night!


Darlene said...

Very sweet block, Vicky!

I was a x-stitcher for 20 years and have always stored my floss in small zip-loc bags called Floss away bags. This is not working for me anymore so I've been winding my floss onto bobbins like you show. There are some boxes available at Joann Stores or Michaels Stores that are for the storage of these bobbins. Easy to keep them in numerical order that way.

Hope I've helped.

Beth said...

Cute angel! But yep, you definitely need a hoop. And the way I do mine, I put a very thin piece of batting on the back, that way it lays even smoother and the floss doesn't show through the front. I love how the quilts you see these days have embroidery mixed in with them. I have several BOMs I'm working on that are that way.

SalemHouse said...

I also have all my floss wound on the cardboard bobbins, but put some of the specialty threads in the little zip-loc bags. I was lucky enough to find some old metal, multi-drawer Anchor thread cases from a store several years ago, and the bobbins fit perfectly in the drawer inserts.

Shelina said...

What a cute angel block. I also love the raspberry truffle quilt you are working on. Someone else mentioned they were working on a raspberry truffle but I must have looked at the wrong picture, because it is absolutely adorable.

Sewbaby said...

I love that little angel...where did you get the pattern?


Nan said...

Your angel is adorable, Vicky!
I wind my floss onto plastic "bobbins", cut the number off the floss paper holder and tape it to the top of the bobbin. I like the plastic ones because I find they hold up better than the cardboard. I then put them in numerical order in a box made especially for floss, just like Darlene said! It keeps them neat and tidy. Have fun stitching!