Friday, March 07, 2008

A Fun Package Today!

Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen? My dear friend, Jace, over at Sawdust and Cowpies is the most amazing artist! He's a furniture restorer - or rather, a savior of furniture! And he makes the most fun things for his wife and daughter and their quilty buddies! Well, he showed off some buttons he made a while back, and I immediately wanted some!

These are just so adorable! The largest is about 11" and the smallest is about 7". I'm looking for the perfect spot to display them. He had pictures of some painted, and Sally put thread through some that looked like button stitches.

A shot of the back shows they're all ready to hang!

I've shown off Jace's talents before with the really neat Nelly table he made a couple of years ago. I love this thing! It's probably my favorite quilt gadget!

If any of you are interested in the buttons or the Nelly table, you can contact Jace through the links provided. Oh, and be sure to visit his blog. He cracks me up!

Thank you Cowguy and Cowgal! I love you massively!


Lisa Boyer said...

Wonderful buttons--and I liked his "colostomy" story! What a riot!

Vicki W said...

Those buttons are so cool! I HAVE to ahve a set!

Cowguy said...

LOL hey... lookie there! Glad you loved 'em Vicky!


julieQ said...

Wow! Love those big 'ol buttons! He does great work.

The Quickie Queen said...

Love the buttons!!! I'll check his blog. Yes...Doxies' have a sweetness that is just the greatest and tug at my heartstings. This is my first one and can't believe I didn't adopted one earlier. Take care and give Daisy a kiss from Gidget and I.