Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh, my!

I get this short/sweet email from Kimberly this afternoon, and I quote, "New BOM will be up in 5 minutes!" ROFLOL. I think my very good friend knows me very well, doesn't she? Oh, my, it's a beauty! Merry Christmas to All

Jane and I were supposed to go watch my boss run two dogs in a field trial tomorrow down near the Salton Sea. A 2.5 hour drive for us, but we were actually looking forward to it. Well, he left today at 2:00 to drive down there with the two labs, and his Yukon broke down three-quarters of the way there. Had to wait for hours for a tow truck that could load the vehicle up on top instead of towing it because the dogs were in the back in kennels. He had to ride back in the tow truck and just got home. I was on standby because I was going to have to go rescue him if they couldn't get to him. So he scratched the entries, and our plans cancelled for tomorrow. I'm sure I'll find some housework and vacuuming to do, and there's always *something* to keep me busy in the quilting room. :) :)

I was thinking about something this afternoon. I need to plan a block-of-the-month MONTH to get caught up on all of these projects! LOL

But I definitely need to bust some stash this weekend before Sunday's stash report ... I was very, very, very bad this week!


Anonymous said...

Vicky, sure Joe broke down near us! It was windier than H... here this afternoon. Glad you didn't have to drive down. But, I could have met you girls at Monica' is only a block or two off of Washington. We could have gotten into more trouble!!!

But, I know you girls will have fun at home. Don't know if we are going to Temecula tomorrow for Tyler's ball games. Supposed to be thunder storms here on Sunday-so I think it is great you are staying home.

ILY, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Well, don't feel too bad, Vicky. I've been very, very, very bad this whole month. In fact, I've pushed the "buy" button last night and then again first thing this morning.
Glad you didn't have to go rescue the boss.
xoxox, LadyBaltimore

Erin said...

a new bom? what? stashbusting is so hard...but as long as you have a spot for it and know what you are doing with your new purchase..well that makes it Ok I think..hehehe

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I hope he had AAA to pay the towing bill! Sorry to hear about your change of plans, but at least you didn't have to drive down to get him.

Sweet P said...

That is one gorgeous quilt. I'm still thinking about getting it, haven't decided yet.