Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Every morning ...

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Every morning this is how I find Penny's food bowl. I wonder if she thinks she's "saving" it. It used to be her octypus draped across it. The last few days it's been this awfully worn out ball.

Once she left a ball in the bowl of scraps on my cutting table. Maybe she's just marking her territory. I need to find that picture. It was too funny!

Silly dog!

P.S. Those two red bowls were purchased in August of 1980 for Katie, my first doxie. I paid 99 cents each for them. Three doxies and 29 years later they're still going strong. I'd call that a good buy!


Jan said...

Too cute. I think she's just reminding you to play with her.

Anonymous said...

My stepdaughter's cat has a thing for hair ties, the rubberband kind, and I am always fishing them out of the water and food bowls.