Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

I was up way too early this morning. I walked in the kitchen and realized I only have one dish to make, smothered squash. Mom used to always say, as she was fluttering around the kitchen, that we had to have squash because that's what the Pilgrims ate. And Dad would always wink at me and say, "She should know. She was there." I miss them so much.

Penny and I are heading over to Jane's later. Penny has a play date with Skippy. Camera is in the car - check! As you can see, she's all ready to go!

Looking back through the three years of blogging this is how my Thanksgivings past shaped up:

2006 - Finished the 100th block on Dutch Treats. There are 196 total blocks. I have 80 something left to applique. I guess I'll finish this one up in The Home.

2007 - Just got out of the hospital. Felt lousy. Spent most of the weekend sleeping.

2008 - Just getting over the flu. Felt lousy, but spent the weekend sitting next to Daisy on the sofa appliqueing and also caught up on BOM blocks.

2009 - Except for a tiny headache, I'm feeling great and looking forward to a wonderful day.

Penny sends her most heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes to everyone and their pets! I do, too!


Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

Happy thanksgiving! I had to chuckle at your post because although I have nothing concrete to remember about other Thanksgivings, I'll remember this one. We only have one of our kids here this year, I have a bad cold and my cat died in my sewing room sometime last night. He had been sick, but I'll remember this year!

Infinity Quilter said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Penny also. Have a great time at Jane's!

pdudgeon said...

Wishing you and Penny a very Happy Thanksgiving

little acorns said...

We woke up quite early too. . . (anticipating the turkey?). . . but filled up the time with two walks. (. . . to burn off the extra spoonful of stuffing!)
But, Bailey & I want to wish you & Penny a wonderful Thanksgiving!
xo, Bren

merumo said...

Hi Ms. Penny! Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Reeds said...

That picture is adorable!!
I'm glad to see someone else who's been blogging for a while. It seems like all blogs I see now were started in the past 5 months.. I feel like an "old" blogger!!!

Great idea summarizing the past holidays..hmmm.. I'll have to think about that one!

Quilted Quickies said...

Love this post!!! So sweet!!! And made me laugh. Penny is a DOLL!!! Gidget says I need to add you to "Blogs I follow". So off to do that right now!