Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fig Tree Club

This week I received the first quarterly installment of the Fig Tree Club from The Fat Quarter Shop. I fell in love with the Cobble Stones Quilt when I saw it and had to have it! It's going to be a gift for someone special in my life. Woke up this morning wanting to start cutting it right away!

I wasn't going to join this club, but after talking with a friend about it and then seeing this quilt, I could resist no longer. Wow, am I ever glad I did! Fig Tree has always designed awesome fabric, and the Fig Tree Club is an ideal way for me to enjoy their fabric and make four beautiful projects a year!

I have to say here that I am constantly visiting quilt shops both in person and online. Although I buy from many shops, I keep going back to The Fat Quarter Shop for several reasons. They are the most consistent quilt shop with whom I have ever dealt. By that I mean consistently fast shipping, wonderful customer service, incredible packaging, and good prices. Consistent across the board, and have been for all the years I've been a customer. I first found them years ago when I was looking for an older piece of Robyn Pandolph fabric. At that time they had a special button just for that designer. I was so excited to find what I was looking for, and I think I bought out their entire inventory of the older lines! Yep, that was me!

Only one time in all the years of dealing with them did I find a problem - in a kit packaged by a fabric manufacturer. It was short one small piece of fabric. I emailed the Fat Quarter Shop, and within two days an envelope with that piece of fabric was sitting on my doorstep. I was blown away by their prompt attention and quick resolve. Having just had a two-week battle with another online shop over a totally incorrect order and their refusal to correct the matter, this was so refreshing. It was at that point that I decided The Fat Quarter Shop would be my main source for fabric, and I have never wavered from that decision. The Fat Quarter Shop has their finger on the pulse of quilting, and always carry the latest and best there is to offer. One-stop shopping!!

I bought almost all of my Christmas presents last year from The Fat Quarter Shop. They gift wrapped everything and shipped right to my friends! I didn't have to go to the mall, not once!! It was perfect for me, and I will do that again every year from now on!

I'm delighted with my Fig Tree Club package! February is a table topper project, April/May another quilt, and July/August a home decor project. I haven't done home-dec in years, but I'm looking forward to that! (As long as a zipper isn't involved!)

Every single package from The Fat Quarter Shop is like opening a present! And I chuckled out loud when I saw the little note on the envelope! That's what it's all about!


Cara said...

I feel the same about FQS as you do! While I occassionally shop else where, when I want/need something, new ideas, etc etc I always find myself turning to them, and am always happy with the experience from start to finish.

pdudgeon said...

me too.
My daughter sent me a birthday gift from the Fat Quarter Shop this year and was amazed when i told her how nicely they wrapped my gift. She said she found shopping there was really easy (and she's not a quilter!)

Vickie E said...

I feel the same way about FQS ...I lost count at how many of the those 'plastic' baggies I have LOL..they rock!

Kathie said...

Love this quilt, I thought about joining this club too!
nice to hear such positive reviews on a quilt shop for me its all about the customer service that makes me want to shop someplace.

looking forward to seeing this quilt being made, its a beauty

Carol said...

Customer Service is always at the top of my list...Fat Quarter Shop always does a great job! Your quilt is going to be yummy!

jlk said...

I love the FQS, too! Have fun with the Fig Tree Club. It sounds like a great time.

Ruthie said...

I joined the club at my local quilt shop and have my blocks on to the sashing.

Infinity Quilter said...

I love that pattern and was tempted to join the club, but I'm not interested in the home dec stuff. I hope they sell the pattern individually.

I also love Fat Quarter Shop. They are very accommodating. A BOM and my monthly FQ bundle were scheduled to ship at different times and I asked them if they could ship together...and they said absolutely. They let you know if your shipment will be delayed. LOVE THEM. I wish could order from them more often, but my hubby would kill me.

Kristine said...

I completely agree. What a nice virtual shop and what a wonderful website to daydream...or to escape from work reality for a spell!

I enjoy reading about your projects and Adventures in Pennyland. Thanks for sharing.

jaybird said...

i joined the club too. i caved under online club peer pressure... is there a help group for that?

Camille said...

I couldn't agree more! They are the best!

Quilt Hollow said...

They are absolutely fantastic...I love to receive packages from them. It has been a long time since my last order though...funds you know. In the meantime, I keep watching yours and enjoy seeing what you'll be making.