Sunday, November 29, 2009

A New Blog to Visit

I was reading through Judy's stash reporters today, and found a new blog! Brand spanking new! In fact, I left her first comment!

The blog is Quilt2sr5 and her name is Penny! I see Penny loves applique, and is working on a fabulous new project called "Flowers Forever."

My Penny says hi to you, Penny! Congrats on getting a new blog up! I look forward to watching your progress on Flowers, and all of your projects! Penny and I predict that you'll have lots of visitors!


Penny said...

You know Vicky, my grandmother had a weiner dog named Penny. The dog was a gift and came with that name. I must admit that I wasn't happy MY OWN grandmother had a dog with my same name. But I lived through it and it really did me no harm.

I read about Judy's stash buster challenge through Randi's blog at the end of last year and I started keeping meticulous track of fabric going in and out. I finally got a blog going just so I could play. I am still learning the ropes but hopefully it will all look good.

Thanks for your welcome. You are great!

JudyL said...

But, we really can't like her! Did you see her stats? She's used more than she's bought! Something's seriously wrong with her. :)