Saturday, March 14, 2009


10 down; 281 to go! :)

I started putting the borders on the red and green Stash Quilt project this morning early, but decided to go back to bed for a while. It was a really rough week at work this week, and I just needed a down day. When I got up again a couple of hours later, I decided it was the perfect day to sit on the sofa, watch movies, and applique! Tomorrow it's back to the borders.

I need to get my Simply Sophisticated blocks down and get a post going about those, too. If you're waiting on me, it's coming!!!


Brenda said...

The baskets look great. I'm going to see hoe they look without the reverse applique. I need to do something to make the quilt seem more achievable

Kathie said...

I am impressed 10 baskets, so have you basted 10 more so they are ready to go when you watch another movie???

Carol said...

I just love those little baskets! I got my Simply Sophisticated done...they're really easy ones this time.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Every time i see these little baskets i want to make them. Is there a pattern available? If you posted this before (or if I asked you before) I apologize. Too much on my mind getting lesson plans ready LOL

Thank you!


debbiejune said...

You are making me want to do this basket quilt. So how long is one taking --after it is basted on? And your backgrounds are all different fabrics also. This might be one to travel with or have handy when waiting at the doctor's office. I love it. Hmmm.