Saturday, March 28, 2009

Had Fun Today

Jane came over this morning, and we decided at the last minute to head over to the little Glendale Quilt Show. It was a beautiful day, and we wanted to get out and enjoy the scenery before it gets hot.

The show was a big improvement over last year. There were nice vendors there, and a lot of beautiful quilts on display. Naturally I forgot to bring my camera!

I saw this Gingher seam ripper last weekend but forgot to get it. So I looked for one today. It's awesome. It's big enough that I won't lose it, and the blade is retractable.

I picked up a couple of patterns, some straw needles, paper hexagons and diamonds, a couple of packs of those really thin pins that I like, and a small quilt hanger. YLI usually has a booth there but didn't this year. I guess I'm going to have to order silk thread online because I sure haven't seen any these past two weekends. I used to not like YLI, but a friend gave me some for Christmas and I'm hooked. I have tons of other silk thread, but I really need some pumpkin-orange colors and some browns. Oh, well, I'm making do with what I have! :)

I'm tired tonight after walking around and standing on my feet all day. But it's a happy kinda tired! Thank you, Jane. It was a great day!

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Yvette said...

DOH!!! I meant to go to the show but I completely forgot. Glad you all had a good time. I went to the new shop in Placentia. Cute shop! The name is Fresh Picked Fabrics, I think. It is inside Cranberry Quiltworks. Next time you are down that way you should check it out. It is around the corner from Calico House.