Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is Anyone Quilting?

How are the Simply Sophisticated ladies doing this month? Please post your finishes HERE because the drawing is tomorrow afternoon! Good luck to everyone!

I have gotten hardly anything done this week, but I knew it would be that way. Unfortunately, I've poked buttons like a mad woman. And it's all Darlene's fault! I had to get some of the Moda Bella Ivory that she gave a positive review on. Some? Ha! Let's just say I will quietly sneak in here with my stash report tomorrow and hope no one notices it!

I am caught up on Bears in the Barnyard and I'll get a picture of that posted tomorrow. Judging from the looks of my sewing room right now, it should be named Bears in the Pig Sty!

Today I'm going on a road trip. Two ladies from our sew-in group have invited Jane and me to go explore some new quilt shops with them. We're heading west and north, and I have no idea where we're going. That's not really surprising because I'm usually pretty clueless. I made a list so I don't go hog-wild in the stores. (Gee, what's with the oinker references today?) On my list are shirtings and silk thread. I will not be tempted beyond those two items! I will not! Anyway, it'll be fun to get out and about after an extremely long, hard, tense week.

Do me a favor? Take a few stitches for me today, will you?


Yvette said...

Be sure to post about the new quilt shops in the area. I know of 2 but they haven't opened yet.

Have fun!

Jean said...

I'm not a SS lady, but I did quilt some today too, seems like we had better since there is a day for it and think adding to the stash counts too, though.

Bon said...

Curious minds want to know if you only bought the two items on your list. I'm betting....