Saturday, March 07, 2009

Murphy's Law

It made for an interesting quilting day.

Stitched all the HST rows together - no bobbin thread. Drilled some nice straight holes, though. Put a new bobbin in, went to the ironing board, and realized I had sewn them all backwards. Ripped. Back to the sewing machine, and the bobbin thread kept breaking. Etc., etc. This went on all day. But Judy's Bears in the Barnyard blocks are done.

I was going to work on the red/green Stash Project tomorrow, but I think I need a break. I need to de-quilt the downstairs. There's stuff everywhere. The kind of mess only a quilter would love, but if anyone else came over ..... well, I'm just saying.

Oh, yeah, I tried to cook today, too. I mean, really, how can you screw up Rice-A-Roni. Just ask me. I can tell you how!

For the last couple of posts, my pictures are huge. I don't know what's wrong. I'll deal with that another time. It's probably best I don't touch anything tonight!! Mr. Murphy has played with my head enough for one day!


Stephanie Pettengell said...

I really love your color choice, your blocks are beautiful, you sure beat Mr Murphy on these.

Tazzie said...

Sending big hugs your way, sounds like you could really use them!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say "determination"? LOL I'm lovin your blocks and wished I had joined in on the fun of making this quilt.

Jean said...

These are beautiful. I think the pix are a nice size, too, though you can set that when you load them.

Sometimes you have to take a break...and do something soothing to the soul.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the rip-it issue. I somehow did a quarter turn of the stripe fabric between the desk and the sewing table, so 1/2 of my blocks were wrong!

I like your colors. It's going to be fun to see everyone's quilt when they are finished.

dot said...

Oh those are nice. I like your colors.

Anonymous said...

I just feel soooooooo much better reading that you more experienced quilters do the same things I do!!!!!!! My seam ripper has been my best friend! Robin

Librarynan said...

Nice job on the Bearpaws, Vicki... and good colors. I'm pushing kind of hard to finish by tomorrow.

Oh, yeah - People actually come over??? (Between the quilting mess, the potting mess, the garden dirt, cat hair and dog dust - I'm glad I have only cyber-friends)tee hee.

Beth said...

Love the blocks.....isn't this quilt fun? Looks like you had a very productive weekend :)