Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stash Report Week 13

I was good this week. Well, good for me. There was even a quilt show involved!

Working with Judy on stash projects this year was a great opportunity for me to see what's in my stash. Her project using stripes, for instance. That got me to also thinking about checks. I have a fair number of checks in my stash, mostly brushed cottons. So when I was looking at The Fat Quarter Shop this week I spotted these wonderful flat cotton checks. I love to use checks in quilts and for binding. Love the texture they add. So I couldn't pass up getting a couple of yards of each of these. They're great colors, especially for folk art quilts. These are from the Stone Cottage line by Andover Fabrics. That's a beautiful line.

That was it for me! But next week will be delivered this gorgeous Aviary quilt kit. This one will be really easy applique. I love doing leaves, so I should be in applique heaven on this one!

Oh, speaking of applique, I prepped five more basket this week and have done 2.5 of those. I'll get the other two done today. That will be 15 done, 276 to go. At some point I'll need to figure out how much stash I'm busting on each block. A gal's gotta get a bust anywhere she can!

I loaded up the dining room table with quilts tops that just need a final border added or a backing that needs to be pieced. My busting totals over the next couple of weeks will show some needed improvement!

Here are my totals. I thought I should post those first before I continue below with my wish list! LOL

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 119.50 yards
Purchased: 239.125 yards
Net YTD: <119.625> yards

There are so many beautiful things at The Fat Quarter Shop. I don't need any of them, but I sure do want them! For instance, the 2009 Patchwork Party. Those fabrics are wonderful! I'm still debating this one, but you know how it is when I debate something. I'm just saying ...

And this Pinwheels in Flight kit. I've made that pattern, and it was so much fun. Combining the pattern with those Aviary fabrics - oh, my! The poking finger is hovering over THAT button!

Something else I've developed a renewed interest in over the past few months is '30s fabric. Look at this gorgeous line, Everything But the Kitchen Sink. I noticed at the quilt show yesterday there were tons of '30s quilts hanging. My stash is almost completely depleted of those, but I have a crumb quilt coming along out of Jane's toss-aways from a cutting weekend party we had a year or so ago. Just might have to replenish the '30s stash here. There just isn't much that's sweeter than a '30s quilt using traditional blocks with some simple applique in the border.

Oh, goodness, window shopping at The Fat Quarter Shop is hazardous to my stash! ROFLOL.


pdudgeon said...

yep, i'll be poking the button on that Windmill kit next week (inspired by your Heritage pinwheels!).
Also saw that wonderful fabric line "Sachet Potpourri". i'll be needing a backing for the Windmill quilt, so i'll probably use one of the paisleys for that....but which one! it will be hard not to buy that whole line, it's sooo beautiful.

Kare said...

I love that Aviary Collection too! It reminds me of the fabric that Robyn Pandolph used to design when she was with Moda!

Carol said...

I've been hovering over the button on that Pinwheel kit...I just love it.

KathySWFL said...

No fair trying to meg all of us with all those links to The Fat Quarter Shop! Thanks heavens I am saving my money right now for Faducah. Otherwise I might have hit that buy me button. ILY