Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stash Report Week 42 and More ...

There's always more ...

I'm still organizing here. You should see the downstairs! Well, okay, against my better judgment I'll go ahead and show you two snapshots. These shots are not my sewing room nor my stash room. Fooled ya, didn't I?

What I did first was took everything that was piled up along a half wall in my sewing area and moved it out of the way. That's the fold-up table and the tubs of BOMs and WIPs. The table is going in the garage. I moved an etagere that was in my breakfast room into the sewing room. Everything that was on the etagere is now on my breakfast table in boxes. (sigh)

Then I moved *almost* all of the fabric out of my sewing room and off the bookshelves and tubbed it. But I ran out of tubs, so it's piled on the dining room table until later today. The quilts piled in that chair came off the bookshelves.

Why is it that everything gets worse before it gets better? That's where I am right now. Penny is all discombobulated.

I did pawn off a book, panel and 44 matching fat quarters to Jane, so those are in my car to give to her this week. Hey, a gal's gotta bust stash wherever she can! Eleven yards out of here.

I opened the door to my stash room yesterday, walked in, looked around, walked out and shut the door behind me. I went in to make a plan to move what's on the shelves up there into tubs, and the stuff in the tubs in the dining room to those shelves. But you know what? That's overwhelming right now. I did peek in the closet door in there and it's stacked with wire baskets of Civil War, batiks, brushed cottons, and bolts and flat folds of backing fabric. I don't even want to think about dealing with that for now.

I said it before ..... it seems all I'm doing is moving mass. Hopefully by January 1st I'll have pictures to show of organized stash. You're laughing again! I can hear you! Yes, this coming January!

In the meantime, all that came in this week was backing for Bespoke Blooms BOM, three yards. (I don't count the fabric in the BOM packages either in or out, just the finishing kits and backings.) So what that it was 108" wide? It's still just three yards, right?

********** Oh, oh, oh, if you've ordered Pennsylvania Dutch BOM - or are considering ordering it - stay tuned for an exciting post about that later today! :) **********

Okay, I'm done.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 176.25 yards
Purchased: 569.45 yards
Net YTD: <393.20> yards


Anonymous said...

It's a start and I agree that things always look worse before they improve. I clean the same way by taking everything out of the closet or room and then putting it back the way I want to.

I like those smaller tubs you have in your first picture. I have some of them and they are just the right size to put projects in them without them getting too heavy to move.

I hope you have one of those p-touch labeler. It is wonderful to know what's in those boxes without moving a bunch.

Keep going - we're routing for ya!


Mary-Kay said...

You seem pretty organized already. You know where everything is and what's what. that's half the battle. When I got a new cutting table with shelves beneath it, it took me a week to try and organize everything. And then I couldn't find some stuff the next week. It all takes time.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! You have great goals and I will look forward to how it all comes together in time. You can do it!! It will be so much fun to have it all organized and then you can just sit and sew. I imagine Penny is a bit confused. Does she leave your fabric alone?
Cheering you on!!
Beverly from WA state.

Miss Jean said...

Oh, Vickie, good friend that I am (play along with me here) I want you to know I'm here for you. I have plenty of room at my house to store some of those finished quilts for you. I know, that's just the kind of person I am! LOL!

Have fun cleaning! I've done that before and it feels soooooo good when you are done.

pdudgeon said...

we must have the same bug! i worked in my walk-in closit this weekend and re-organized and moved a bunch of things. now i actually have space to walk in there! if only i didn't have to have a bed to sleep in i could really organize my sewing room, LOL.

Thelma said...

Good Start Indeed! Thanks for posting the pictures. I think Penny would be really happy if you posted pictures of your stash room! Really! Ever since I read that you had such a wonderful thing I've been itching to see it!! Please, Please Please....

jaybird said...

i have faith that you can do it!!! i'm also in the process of organizing... and yes it always seems to be messier before things get better... first step for me is figuring out what i'm willing to donate/sell etc... then i know how much stuff i need to find a home for!!