Sunday, October 04, 2009

Stash Report Weeks 38, 39 and 40

I was totally confused over not reporting for weeks, but then I remembered I was traveling for two weekends. I confused myself again! Go ahead and laugh. I laugh at myself all the time, at my brunette-ness!

A package arrived this week. I had Mill House Inn charms and layer cakes, so I needed the complimentary yardage. "Needed"? Well, actually, no, but I think in sets; can't have one without the other. This stuff is all being put away to sew on next year or some year. I don't want to wish I had gotten it while it was available. Therein lies my problem. A dessert roll, inside and outside borders and backing, 12.33 yards.

I have two more lines to get yardage on when it comes out, Wiscasset and Rouenneries. Then I think I'm done for this year. At least I think I am. I know I have a small kit on reserve with Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop, so I'm sure I'll get the backing for that. And I have finishing kits for BOMs on reserve, although I can't remember when those start. I'm worry about that tomorrow at Tara.

Fall Market is just around the corner. I'm always like a kid with my nose pressed up against the window at a candy store waiting for pictures from Market to get posted. We'll see how strong my resolve is! My plan is to pick one or two lines from Fall Market and one or two lines from Spring Market, and that's it. I have more fabric than a dozen quilters could use in a lifetime, and the thought of moving that all in a couple of years is daunting. I've been trying to organize it a bit and tub it up, but I gave up frustrated last night. So I need to keep that in mind while my nose is pressed against that window.

That said, bans on Minick & Simpson fabric will probably never happen. I have Bar Harbor on reserve. Totally my favorite colors and totally awesome fabric with which to work. Think Prairie Paisley, Flag Day Farm, Wiscasset. Honestly, I could be a walking advertisement for those ladies! Here I go again, posting my resolutions with caveats.

A lot of talking to distract you from my numbers. Did it work?

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 165.25 yards
Purchased: 557.695 yards
Net YTD: <392.445> yards


Sue H said...

You're just saving up stash for future rainy days. Sounds smart to me!

Infinity Quilter said...

Ooooh, I like the Blessings kit too, but cannot add any more until I make some room in the closet.

I look forward to seeing pictures from fall market too!!!

Mary-Kay said...

I used to think like that too! But now I know that every time new fabric comes out, I'll want some of it but I don't get any because I know that a bigger and better selection will be coming out next time. My kind of logic and it stops me from buying fabric lines just because I like them.

Darlene said...

I'm like Mary Kay I used to want it ALL and now I think I'd better wait because there could be something better tomorrow. LOL

I just live through you and I'm a happy girl. I'd love to look at your stash just for fun!

Kare said...

Your busted numbers are very impressive, but that other number is, oh my - it's daunting!

pdudgeon said...

don't worry, Vicky. we all know that you're just investing in your fabric now, so that it will pay dividends of wonderful quilting time when you retire. if you can bust like this while you're still working, you'll need every bit of yardage you're buying now to keep you busy then.
(and yes, i love those same lines too. I'll catch up with you in Feb.)

Brenda said...

Vicky well done for just publishing. i was doing well till August and then it all seemed to get hard. I am impressed that you only have a couple of lines in mind for the next few months. At last count there were 8 I wanted!

Anonymous said...

You might as well buy it while you can afford it and like it.

I just want to see your stash room. How do you keep track of it all? And, do you need help moving - I'm sure there are a few that will say that they "will work for fabric"


Judy Laquidara said...

All I have to say is . . you'd better start sewing faster! :)

Maddie Can Fly said...

I not only collect fabric but books also. Last time I moved I had something like 30 boxes of books and 40 or so of fabric. My movers told me "you need to sew more and read less" -- they liked moving the fabric better then anything else. So keep on buying if it makes you happy!

badlandsquilts said...

Oh I so relate, I am a Minick & Simpson addict as well... Bar Harbour looks fab. I have been hording all the prairie paisley I can find.