Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday. Anyone Shopping?

Me? I'm not. At least I don't think I am. Of course, there's always the Black Friday sale at the Fat Quarter Shop. I think I already have one of everything there, but I'll go mosey around just in case I missed something. There's a code for checkout, blackfriday. Don't forget to put that in like I do half the time!

Decided to get myself a new TV for Christmas. The one I had in my bedroom broke a year ago and I tossed it. I might take the one from downstairs upstairs and get a new one downstairs. Confusing? That's how I talk at 6:45 a.m. after gorging on turkey dinner the evening before.

I also want a laptop, but no rush for that. Maybe after the first of the year.

I also need a new vacuum cleaner. Mine is only about four years old, but the doggone thing is so heavy. Lugging that puppy up and down the stairs isn't good. I think I'm going to get an Oreck - or at least I'll go check them out. Need to find an Oreck store nearby.

Penny needs one more shot to be finished up for the year, so I'll call and see if I can't get her in today. And a mani/pedi. For the dog - not me!

The QuiltMobile needs an oil change and some recall work done. I'll call them but I really hope they'll full up this weekend, or their service department is closed for the holidays. Don't want to waste a couple of hours over there. My middle name is Procrastination!

I decided to clean up the sewing area yesterday. I moved mass around for an hour and then gave up. I'm designing my next house, and my sewing area and stash room will be on the same floor! Those stash report boxes are heavy!

That's it from here. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Countdown to you-know-what in 30 days or so.


Yvette said...

Vacuum cleaner advice....... I had an Oreck and it did not pick up loose threads on carpet. Be sure to take a bunch of loose threads and throw them on the floor at the showroom to see if they get picked up. Maybe they make them better now.

Melinda said...

Well - Tula Pink fat quarters are on the way to me. Thanks for the coupon code.

jillquilts said...

I did!! I got a GO for myself from my parents and various other things from JoAnn's. Then hit a couple of other stores and got my Dad's present and some dog toys and bones. I think that the pups will leave me alone to quilt for the rest of the weekend! :)

Darlene said...

No Black Friday shopping for me! Hubby took me out for breakfast and now I'm home. WooHoo!

Have a great day.

Judy said...

I bought an Oreck about a year ago and it sure didn't do well on my carpet and was hard to move over the carpet. My Kirby was smelling like a burnt motor -- found out just the belt needed replaced so am back to using that for the most part. Even though the Kirby is heavier, it glides better on my carpet -- but I don't have to lug it up any stairs! We loved my daughter's Kenmore until the dogs chewed through the cord. I need to get that to the repair shop one of these days. Have a good weekend and let us know what buttons you push!

Miss Jean said...

I have an orek for downstairs and some other brand for upstairs. No more lugging them up and down. I also got a new little rechargeable lavender Shark vacuum. It works great, does a great job on stairs without the weight and cord and is handy for vacuuming up after Maggie brings in all her little leaves and such from outside.

SewCalGal said...

I had fun researching for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales for quilters. You may want to price shop & check out for a vacuum. I also found several great sales online and posted about them too. Much easier shopping online, but I still enjoy going to my LQS. I'm definitely avoiding the malls.


Erica said...

I have a Dyson upright which I like very much. I believe they make a model which is smaller/lighter and has a wand type attachment you can pull out and get into the bits and corners with. The one I have picks up all the threads and animal hair; sometimes, when I go to empty it, I swear there is a cat inside! Happy Thanksgiving!

dianne said...

i'm with Miss Jean - i have a vacuum upstairs and one downstairs cuz i am too freakin' old to haul one up and down (mine are light-weight Dirt Devils - neither will pick up a bowling ball, but they do okay with lint and threads and dust)

Cyn said...

We (DD & I) just did goof off shopping on Black Friday. We visited a craft fair, and then went to the mall late in the day to visit a Christmas Tree display/auction. I already have just about everything I need for gifts and she finished up her shopping.

LOL that you have one of everything from the Fat Quarter Shop! I'm going to do my shopping tomorrow before the sale ends.

We have a Dyson. One of the ones with the ball. Love it! Picks up everything and very easy to move over the carpet. How about one vacuum upstairs and one downstairs? Then you don't have to take a vacuum up and down the steps. Much easier.


Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

i skipped it 100% this year... and loved every minute of it. i did purchase one thing on cyber monday... but just one!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Vacume - seriously look at a Miele! I have always had Miele's and so do my sisters and nieces and we all love them. They are well worth the extra bit of money. Shopping - My truck needs an oil change. I got a $100 gift card for Toys R Us and used it this week for my son's presents. And I spent the rest of my money sending the presents to Europe for my boy. Cheers! Evelyn