Sunday, May 13, 2007


That's what you all are - a bunch of enablers! LOL. Thank you for helping me find excuses for my fall from grace! My friend, Mar, called me yesterday. When I answered the phone, she said, "Just exactly how many FQs did you buy?" And an email from my :) :) :) friend wondering the same thing! Geez ........ I don't get no respect! I guess I now have to extend my no-buy for two more weeks just to keep them happy!

But here's the best excuse of all for buying those FQs! I got the UGLY quilt done! I finished it yesterday, pieced the backing, made the binding, and delivered it all to Ginger at the quilt shop. She was laughing when I pulled it out and told her I thought it was ugly. Then another employee walked up and said how much she liked it. Go figure! Oh, well, it's done! I'm going start sewing on the blasted giterdun in about 15 minutes. Yep! Very soon I hope to rename that quilt the "gotitdun"! After doing the ducks and all those geese, the Irish chain suddenly doesn't seem so bad!

I just love the Nancy Halvorsen books and fabrics. I've been buying the books for years but have never made a single thing from them. The four FQs pictured just below the book are from her last line. I love it when fabric designers coordinate things so we can use our leftovers from one project in another. I guess it would be boring if they all did that, but every once in a while would be great! You could do that with a lot of the old Robyn Pandolph Moda lines. There are a couple of small projects in this book that I want to attempt. They involve fusibles and blanket stitching. I can do it! It'll be fun to try something new! In her Christmas book last year, there was a reindeer quilt that's adorable. Another one on my to-do list!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone. I think Jane and I are getting together a little later today. That's always fun! Daisy loves Jane, and totally ignores me when Jane's around! That little snooker! Thinking of Mom a lot today. I just might do the hokey-pokey for her!
~ A peaceful, productive weekend
~ A trip to the market last night for under 100 bucks!
~ "Mary Ellen's Best Press, the Clear Starch Alternative"
~ Finishing the Applique Club proposal
~ Smelling the wonderful jasmine in bloom!


Nancy said...

It's really not all THAT ugly. Well maybe it is but then some people will love it. There's just no accounting for taste is there? Really I can see it hanging in a man's den or office maybe. Just not in MY house. LOL!

Now tonight I want to see a picture of the gotitdun quilt. Maybe not the whole completed top but at least a picture showing good progress made. If you can do that then no penance for your slide from grace.

Carol said...

I laughed and laughed...aren't we all the same...I always say I need a piece of fabric and Sue always tells me I don't NEED a thing...but then she tells me that I should get at least a yard :) We're all in this together! Happy Mother's Day to you! I'm singing the Hokey Pokey to honor you and your mom.

Kim said...

Hey, you and I could be twins on the Halvorsen thing--I have her Christmas books from the last few years but haven't made anything yet. Heck, I've even "collected" fabric from the last few Christmas lines. Let me know how you do with that--maybe it will inspire me to finally get my stuff out! LOL!

Darlene said...

Are you going to show the fat quarters?????

...and you shake it all about!


atet said...

That's it? Those are the fat quarters? I was expecting several more yards of fabric there -- (ok, don't you feel much better now?)

As for the "ugly" quilt -- to each his/her own. But I have to say, I'm with you!

Finn said...

Dear, dear sweet Vicky, I'd love your regardless of enablers or not..*VBS* You are sooo truly WHO you are, and that's heart warming! I'm happy you had such a good time being 'bad'...LOL. Finishing up an ugly quilt is the best reason in the world to celebrate!
And thank you so very much for your wonderful comment about my dilema/decision/choice whatever it is or have understood it perfectly...the very words I need. It's hard to find the words that help people understand, without offending them or hurting their feelings.
No one points fingers and says things in a ring, but I needed even that very small expectation removed at this time in my life. I've been at work on laying aside the many masks I've worn over the years, and I need the ability to journal anything that I want to. It doesn't seem like a maverick ring could inhibit that. Guess you never know til you do a thing what you will learn.
I've learned I have many, many wonderful friends in Blogland, like you *VBS*, and I feel truly blessed by my experience. I love blogging and seeing what all the other gals are up to.
Give that darling Daisy a big birthday hug for me. And some for you too, Finn

Quinta da Quilter said...

OOOh! Pretty! Are those new fat quarters to go with Nancy's new book?? Please! Please! Love her fabrics too!

gwen said...

Well I can´t say I like the duck quilt very much either! All the more admiration for you for finishing it. You really deserved these few FQ! I am curious to see what you will make out of them. Take care.

Patti said...

I don't blame you a bit - I LOVE the fat quarters you chose! I'm like you - I've bought almost all of Nancy's books too - and some day I may make something out of them LOL!

My former boss would have LOVED the ugly quilt! She was always buying game bird fabric!

cher said...

looking forward to the photo of the gotitdun! pretty fqs! I think you did not do as bad as you could have!

Hanne said...

Lovely fat quarters :-) Enjoy!

Tracey said...

VICKY!!!! i'm stunned!! and i thought we were all doing so great during this depression! :oP i had to laugh when i read down thru a few of your posts. you do realize that you've extended your 'no-buy' for a total of 3 WEEKS now? LOL!
hang in there, girlie!