Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31st!!

The end of the no-buy month for me.

Last August I earned an A+. This May I give myself an A- ...... well, maybe a B+. Heck, I'll take it!

It's late now, and I'm tired, but I'm going to check in on a few bloggers to see how they did.

I've got another couple of weeks' extension on this pledge. Yikes!


Kim said...

Okay, so does that mean you can buy now or you have to wait longer? 'Cause right now, I'm picturing you waiting another five minutes until midnight so you can start poking buttons. In fact, I wonder if the gals at the Fat Quarter Shop are picturing the same thing?! LOL!

Darlene said...

Let the games begin!!!! LOL

JudyL said...

A B- for you is like an A++++ for everyone else! Congratulations.

Hedgehog said...

Congrats!! I can easily go a month without buying anything since it's so expensive here (and I just think of the stash I have in storage back in the States), but then once in a while I binge online! Calling it a fabric diet really does seem appropriate!

Nancy said...

I think you deserve a better grade than B+. Everyone's entitled to a few mistakes. So I didn't buy any "illegal" fabric. I still bought just making sure it was backings. Which was really just playing games with myself so I could justify retail therapy in a no-buy month. Which is why that was my LAST no-buy month. Just not worth the guilt when I do slip and why set myself up to feel bad about myself. I have plenty of reasons to do so without adding guilt from my hobby which is supposed to bring me pleasure!