Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I got two packages in the mail today, and I knew I hadn't been poking buttons in the middle of the night. One was the Baking Day pattern that was on back order. I was hoping it wouldn't come until after May was over. This one is all Jeanne's fault! The other was the automatic quarterly shipment on the Jan Patek quilt; this quarter was the Seredipity kit. I totally forgot about that. Nancy will probably tell me I don't have to count that -- whew! She's such a good leader!! :)
I haven't been perfect this month, but I haven't been very bad either. Sorta in the middle -- like where I am in life, middle age and all. At least the no-buy month brought focus to my purchasing addiction and curtailed it greatly. I'd better watch it though because my online group will take away my CEO of Purchasing title! LOL
I'm going to take this another month. I figure if I stay with it, I'll finally get to buying only what I need for a specific project. Don't laugh, Jane! (She's rolling on the floor reading this!) I'm focusing on stash big time right now. Basically if it's not the stash, I ain't buying it. That ought to keep me busy for the next 76 years or so.
I'm really homesick. Really really homesick. I NEED to go home for a visit. And to make matters worse, I stopped in for a manicure tonight after work, and my manicurist and his family are going to Lafayette, Louisiana this weekend to meet his son's fiancee's family. Man, pea-green jealous homesickness is the pits!
The duck quilt came home with me to put the binding on. I started off really well on it, and then got sick. I don't know what's wrong. Nothing really hurts, and no coughing. But a really upset stomach for several days now. All I want to do is sleep. Thank goodness there's a three-day weekend ahead. Maybe I can catch up and get this old body back to its version of normal.
Daisy's allergies are acting up again. She's real itchy, so I need to tote her upstairs for a good bath. Problem is I don't feel like it tonight. I guess that's on the agenda for the weekend, too.
The giterdun is going to be worked on a lot this weekend. I'm not even going to touch that other easy quilt I started, although it's tugging at my heartstrings. I have to get that blasted thing out of my life!!
~ The cool weather that I fear is about to end
~ Productive days at the office. Working last Sunday helped.
~ Enjoying cruising the ring tonight. I've missed everyone!
~ The microwave!


Screen Door said...

Love your prizes in the mail...

Pam said...

I really like Nancy's no-buy rules too, they are so adjustable!

Gail said...

Speaking of giterdun, have you started the pumpkin quilt yet? I haven't. Have a few I want to get quilted and then some that 'must' be pieced and quilted so I have them for Christmas. Maybe I'll try pumpkins in July or August so they can be ready for Halloween... remind me in Nov, ok?? LOL

Darlene said...

I like those kind of OOPS! :-)

OK, if you don't feel like working on "giterdun" then I do believe it's time you worked on my quilt. I've been waiting patiently, trying really hard not to bug you but it really is time for you to get busy! "Giterdun" has waited this long, so it can wait a little longer!


Patti said...

Oh, I hope you start feeling better!

I love the things you got in the mail! I ordered that pattern too - and it's on back order. So far I've managed to stay away from ordering from Jan for quite a while now - it's been so hard!

Vinda said...

I've lived away from "home" for nearly 40 years & I still get homesick. I wish I could change my empathy to tickets "home" for you & for me.