Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wonky Day

Have you ever had days that just seemed, well, wonky? That was my day today. Oh, I got tons done at the office, but everything seems off-kilter a bit. I hope I'm not getting sick. I know my sinuses are really bad right now, so maybe that's it.

I was thinking I haven't been getting much done, but when I thought about it today, I guess I have. Judy finished quilting a baby quilt for which my online group made the blocks and I assembled for another online friend. Maybe when it's delivered, she'll post that picture. And I got the ugly duck quilt done for Ginger's. Not too shabby so far. Oh, and I've done a couple of Dutch Treat blocks also.

AND .......... drum roll here .......... I'm sewing on the giterdun!! Yes, I am! At this point I'm not liking this pink/green combo very much, but I know the cream will tone it all down when the Irish chain starts emerging. This is SO boring. But I want to get the main part of the top done this month, if not the whole quilt. I want this off my list in May! The line from "Steel Magnolias" keeps popping to mind on this quilt, the one about the sanctuary looking like it was hosed down in Pepto-Bismol. LOL. It really won't be so bad. I just have to remember that these were not my color choices!
One more thing I've accomplished - but this is year-to-date - appx. 56 yards of fabric have been depleted from my stash. The giterdun will count as a whole lot more, but I can't count that until I get the top made. Now how much fabric was added to my stash this year? I don't know. I honestly don't. But I just know it's a whole bunch less than last year at this time. Baby steps are being made! Jane and I were talking on Sunday about how much I used to buy every weekend. She justified that by saying I had nothing when I started quilting. I felt very righteous there for a few minutes (I've been using that word a lot lately LOL) until I realized that I'm almost six years into this quilting adventure. Can't use that justification any more! Sigh ~ it's always something! Well, gosh, I guess 56 yards isn't really so much, but considering I only get to sew on the weekends, I'll take it.
Daisy turned 10 years old yesterday. I pulled into Albertson's to get her a cupcake, then decided I'd wait until this weekend. Jane will probably come over, and we can do it up good! So instead she got a manicure and pedicure last night. You've have thought I was killing her. She was wiggling so much that I drew blood at one point. OMG, that did it. She hated me and pouted for a good hour. She's okay. It wasn't anything that lots of hugs and kisses couldn't cure. :)
~ My Daisy dog filled the hole in my heart when my Katie dog died 10 years ago.
~ Really enjoying my mattress now that it's been turned.
~ Smoke has almost cleared here.
~ Emailed pictures to my brother of when we were young to replace some he lost in the fire. He cried.


JudyL said...

I'm guessing you got the pictures to go through to your brother -- I hope so. You're braver than I am because I don't even try to cut Speck's nails! Even worse, we go to the vet's on Saturday so Vince can go with me. Speck screams like we're killing him when they cut his nails. His nails are white so it should be easy to do but . . NO!

You really have accomplished a lot when you think of ALL the things you've done recently.

Hope you're not getting sick too -- don't feel "wonky" tomorrow, ok?

Kim said...

Hey, congrats on getting the gitterdun under way! That's a BIG step, in my opinion!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Hope you're not getting sick Vicky - eat healthy and take some time to rest.

I love those colours you're working on - really nice. I'm glad you're finally working on it - it won't be long before it's all done and part of history.

EileenKNY said...

Hi Vicky,
Yeah, it's been a long time-but I'm playing catch-up.
It took me a little while; what's a gitterdun? Then the light came on-"Get her done"? Am I right?
Daisy's such a cutie. I don't have any pets, hubby says he'd be the one to take care of it. But I keep hinting.

Darlene said...

Giterdun is gitting dun! WooHoo!

Belated birthday wishes for Miz Daisy!

Nancy said...

OMG she's working on the giterdun!!!! thought I'd never see that day. LOL! good for you. In no time you'll be done and can go on to more fun sewing.

Take care of yourself. Can't have you getting sick! And give Daisy a happy birthday hug from me and my crew. :-)

paula, the quilter said...

Maybe the smoke&fire are causing your sinuses to rebel and that is why you feel a bit wonky. I have considered making an Irish Chain but haven't because of the boredom factor.

anne bebbington said...

You might be uninspired by the pink and green but I think they go so well together - is it a case of familiarity breeds contempt?

atet said...

Hang in there -- I think we all have wonky days. Great work on the "giterdun"! Even if it isn't your thing -- it will be beautiful.

Leigh said...

Good work on the giterdun.

Mary said...

Yep, that's the stage I start 2nd guessing. I like the colors and I love Irish Chain quilts - it will look wonderful. I finished getting the borders on my green Double 4 patch this week and couldn't believe that so many ugly blocks could make such a great quilt.