Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May No-Buy Report

Proof positive that Daisy is a bad dog! She's got her 10th birthday coming up this month. You'd a-thunk she'd be over this! LOL
I'm still hanging in here. Nancy is counting down the days for us -- eight down, a gazillion to go! :) So far the only fabric purchase was that background last week. I feel guilty about that, but I know I'll use it for a specific project for which I already have the other fabrics. I'll just have to extend my no-buy for a week. Gasp!

The funny thing is that I really did go through the cyber newsletters that have been hitting my email inbox. None of the new fabric from market is singing to me. Now the new books and patterns - that's a whole nuther story. I keep telling myself they'll be there next month. I'm just going to hokey-pokey my way through May and feel righteous at the end. (rolls eyes here)

I've been working on this shop sample. I don't like it. It's a panel cut apart, sashed, with 92 flying geese on the border. That's where I am right now, geesing it. I cut the fabric per instructions before I really read through the pattern. The quick method they have printed is different than what I would have done, and involves an extra step that's driving me bonkers. I do think it's important, though, to follow the pattern on a sample. Another night or two should have those finished, and I can assemble this thing and get it out of my life. I want the giterdun to be finished this month. I'm exhausted thinking about my procrastination on it. Won't it be nice to be free to work on my stuff finally!

Alex's retreat in November -- I've been pondering whether I want to do the neutral quilt project. I've already got a neutral quilt, and I've got the White Christmas applique project in the works. That may be enough for me. No decisions need to be made now, but it's sort of bugging me that for the first time, I won't be doing the retreat project. Want to bet an FQ that I change my mind before then?

I've gotten some decorating done on the cabinet and quilt hanger that were hung last weekend. I tried to get pix last night, but all I kept getting was my reflection in the glass. Maybe this weekend with the lights off and the windows opened. I will say that there is a picture of Judy and friends taken at the quilt museum in Paducah that has been displayed up there. It's one of my favorite pictures of friends.

Approaching Mother's Day has me thinking about Mom. I miss her.


~ The daylilies are almost through blooming here. Such happy plants!

~ Checked the tire and it was just low; no nail in it.

~ It's hump day!


Darlene said...

You must finish the shop sample so you can get "giterdun" out of your hair. I can't encourage the "no buy" (my goodness, I'm afraid I'm going to miss something) but I can cheer you on to work on giterdun.


Laurie Ann said...

Oh silly Daisy! She doesn't look the least little bit contrite either, does she? Don't you hate it when you can tell they don't even feel bad about being BAD!

atet said...

Bad puppy! (according to my dd all dogs are puppies -- no matter their age!)

Know what you mean about giterdun projects -- have two non-quilting ones I need to finish this week before I can get back to what I love. Good luck with yours!

Nancy said...

Get that giterdun quilt done and then you can move on to other things without it hanging over you! Want me to nag you every day until you do? LOL! And you know that background you bought doesn't count! don't even be thinking about extending your no-buy for a week or I'll feel obligated to extend mine too since I bought backing yesterday!

JudyL said...

Poor Daisy! She was just entertaining herself and I'm sure she didn't mean to make a mess!

Hanne said...

I am checking in to check on your no buy status :-)
Don't punish yourself for your background buy. So far I have not bought any fabric, but there are many days to go yet.