Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I've been making flying geese all afternoon for a shop sample. I'm following the instructions on the pattern for their version of the quick piecing method, and it's real wonky. There are 92 geese. I'm about a third of the way done. But the task is much more pleasant sitting in my newly decorated sewing room! :)

A friend of mine designs applique patterns under the name LadyBaltimore Designs. This quilt is called "Birthstone Teacups." Each month uses the birthstone color for that month. She does beautiful applique. After being online friends for a couple of years, we finally met in person at Road to California about three years ago. And her husband is from Louisiana!! If anyone is interested in this pattern or any others, you can contact her at A really delightful lady!
Back to the grindstone tomorrow. Why is it that fun and relaxing weekends zoom by, and the weekends when I'm not feeling well or really busy seem to drag on forever? I realized today we have Memorial Day off this month, so I have one long weekend to look forward to.
~ That extra steak on the grill last night for dinner tonight.
~ Leftover strawberry shortcake! :)
~ Cool weather today!


Kim said...

Your sewing room looks wonderful! I bet it's a joy to work in. Which reminds me, mine needs some cleaning! LOL! How's "giterdun" going? I think I remember you saying you had started on it but nothing since. Weekends are too darn short--back to work today. Bummer!

Gail said...

What a lovely quilt your friend has designed. Love the individual months with the detailed edges and different cup style each time.

cher said...

every weekend zooms by for me-good that you felt it was a relaxing and lazy one!