Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Grab Box

All right, who megged me with this?

The 12 lb. grab bag/box arrived from today. I swannee, I could hardly lift it over the door jamb!

Not a great picture, but will give you an idea of all the goodies inside. Wide cuts by width of fabric, a great variety, even some labels! I've already pegged a lot of these for applique projects!

I think I need an intervention! No, I know I need one!

I crawled around so much playing with the contents of that box that I flattened the carpet out! You can't take me anywhere!

I'll definitely be looking for future grab bag offers on Kimberly's site! When this one gets used up! Really, only then! Quit laughing! I know you are! I can hear you! :)
~ Accounting computer disaster narrowly averted today,and figuring out the fix all by myself!
~ Take out from my favorite local Mexican restaurant!
~ It's hump day!


Darlene said...





pointing and laughing

oops a little snort from laughing so hard.


atet said...

I'm not laughing, really, I'm rolling around hooting with glee, but that's not laughter! Hey, fabric addiction at least doesn't hurt anyone. And you're helping the economy. Really. *snort*

Carol said...

I am on the are no worse than the rest of us and I am not going to look for an intervention...our addiction hurts no one, is good for our health (especially mental) and we have something to show for it! YIPPEE!

Sweet P said...

How cool to get such a selection of fabrics. I didn't know Kimberly had grab bags of fabric. I'm to have to check her site more often.

Jeanne said...

Hooooeeee, you HAVE been busy!
Jeanne :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! The person responsible for the megging checking in here! I got mine yesterday too. You should have seen me lugging it home on the Metrolink last night! Everyone was getting annoyed that I kept bumping them with the box! Isn't it a fun bunch of fabric though? She has the best grab bags I have ever seen. I have tons of stuff in mine that I like. I just called in "sick" from work. I'm thinking of heading over to Ginger's today.

Nancy said...

Durn you hide you ALMOST Megged me! I did go look. Then thought about the $$$ I have to put out next week traveling to my brothers wedding and decided maybe I shouldn't press that button after all. But I sure do LOVE grab bags.

Kim said...

SOMEONE need to stimulate the economy--might as well be you! LOL! At least we know it's not in your car trunk!

tami said...

You sure are doing your part to stimulate the economy. It's better to be addicted to fabric than most other addictions. At least fabric has potential. :-D