Sunday, June 03, 2007

Many Attempts

I don't know why I can't find my pictures this morning. I've tried everything. The camera is downloading them to the computer - but where? I didn't change any settings. I hate this thing. Okay, edited blog here! I found them, but suddenly they're going to a way weird place and I'm having to take tons of steps to edit/publish them. The computer gremlins have been at work again!

I don't have much to blog about - work and home. I'm going to work on the giterdun again today. Yesterday I made lotto blocks and it felt good to sew on something else. There's a fourth block that I forgot to put in the shot. A bowtie block. All of these blocks are from Marcia was kind enough to give us permission to use the four blocks for our Retreat in the Middle lotto. I won't be able to attend the retreat in Missouri in a couple of weeks. Shucks!
It was wonderful having those tubs of strips when I began making these blocks. Most of these fabrics came from those tubs, except for the WOW and the black. Waytago, Vicky! LOL. I need to get back to stripping that big bag of scraps. I can't ever seem to get to the bottom of it, but I need more variety in my strip tubs. I surely wish I had started those strips years ago!

There are very few comments on my blog for the past couple of months. Although it's nice to hear from folks, that's not the reason I blog. I do go around the ring every week and try to comment on everyone's blog. Oftentimes I check in for a minute or two from work while eating my lunch, and while I'm reading them sometimes I don't have time to leave comments. I need to do better on that score. I'm sorry that I have to block anonymous comments. I really hate doing that as there are close friends who read but can't comment. Please email me if something interests you. It's just that my world is so very tiny and it needs to stay a happy place. Nasty comments serve no purpose.
~ Once again, it's cool and moist feeling today. I know the hot weather is going to slam in and stay, but I sure am enjoying this coolness. Except for the curls that boink up in my hair! LOL
~ A relaxing weekend!
~ The Applique Club at Ginger's looks promising!
~ A reflective day while sewing yesterday. I need more of those kind of days.
~ I thought the daylilies were through, but not so! I miss my house and the collection of every daylily I could find. I hope the new owners didn't remove them, but I don't want to go by to look.


dot said...

I can empathize with your frustration over the lost pictures on your computer. That has happened to me, not only with pictures but with e-mail also. I just don't understand how they can go somewhere to never be found. I like the blocks.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Love the blocks Vicky - I hope that there are more coming your way for the Lotto.

Do you have photo's of your Day Lillies? I have about 4 varieties at the moment - they are so easy to take care of aren't they?


Carol said...

Techno it when it works but when it doesn't do what I want it to do it just makes me crazy! Great blocks!

JudyL said...

I love those blocks! Someone will be thrilled to win any of them. Like you, I read bunches of blogs and leave few comments, which I think results in receiving fewer comments. I also don't blog to get comments so if I do . . I do and if I don't . . well, I don't! :)

Patti said...

Sometimes it's so satisfying to just sew miscellaneous blocks from scraps, isn't it! No pressure to turn them into a quilt. Tust enjoyable sewing to pass the time. I remember reading an article years and years ago in an old quilting magazine - maybe Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilting. It was about a woman from the south who had a block collection. Hundreds and hundreds of blocks she'd pieced as a way to keep a record of a block pattern. This was before quilt stores, fabrics produced just for quilting, etc. I remember the picture of her sitting in front of her mountain cabin home in her housedress and bare feet - the exact picture that came to my mind when I heard the word "hillbilly" - showing off her blocks. I don't think any of us even think about making a "block collection" any more. We certainly don't need to in order to keep track of block patterns.

I know what you mean about the computer and pictures. Mine does something like that every so often. My daughter hates the program that came with my camera! Last night it kept freezing up, and when it finally stopped all my pictures were gone! This had happened before so I had a little idea of what she did to fix it. I bumbled around until I found what seemed like the right choice - "register a folder of pictures". Don't know what happened to the folder that used to be there, but it took over an hour for the stupid program to "register" my folder of photographs so I could actually see them in the program!

Quilting Kim said...

I love your blocks, especially the one with the brights colors and the black background - it is just eye-popping. And, of course, it is a star pattern - my absolute favorite.

cher said...

I think with bloglines/sage programs, it is more work to leave comments and more poeple are reading more blogs-just not enough time to leave comments for every post. I really like those blocks and agree-not having to keep making a bunch for a quilt is a nice change of pace. And, I also agree-sometimes I feel I need to add more strips or pieces from the scraps to the bins...I get bored quickly with the lack of variety!

Nadine said...

Hi, Vicky !

first of all, THANKS for your nice comment on my blog. I'm so sorry, I didn't comment much on yours : I changed PC and your blog was no longer on my list. No< you can be sure I'll come back very often !.....

I LOVE your blocks ! They're gorgeous, especially the top left one, with the unusual two-colors borders. What a brilliant idea !

Hugs & smiles !

Gail said...

The blocks are great, I especially like the top left one, do you remember the name of it so I can look it up in Quilterscache??

Nancy said...

I LOVE working from my strip bins! Those are some lovely blocks you've created from yours. I really like that one on the top left. What's the name of that block?

I find that as I leave fewer and fewer comments on blogs that fewer are left on mine. Which is okay cause how can I expect people to have time to comment on mine when I can't find time to comment on their's? I am trying to get better. In fact I'm going around the rings today as I have a few spare minutes and trying to comment just to let people know I am still reading.

Kim said...

No comment.

Okay, just kidding! LOL! I check in on you just about every day, whether I say something or not. Love to read what you're up to!

Jeanne said...

Hope you find your pictures! The quilt blocks are very pretty and will be loved by the winner.

Pam said...

I really like that sunny lane block...really really really like it...headed into EQ right now to create a quilt top using that block.

Pam @