Monday, June 04, 2007

Silk Thread and Blocks

Thank you all for your comments on my silk thread question. It was as I figured it would be -- a lot of choices out there. Thread, like thimbles, is personal.

My preferences are Gutermann silk (which is heavier and feels more like a cotton to me, but it slides beautifully) and Mettler 60 wt. cotton. I have probably every other brand of silk thread, and use them when it's a color I need. But I've pretty much been sticking to these two for my purchases the last couple of years. I can't find Gutermann silk locally, so I order it online. The Mettler 60 wt. is available locally, and I have a ton of it. I like YLI but it's really really fine. When I'm using it, I find out just how rough my fingers are! LOL. I remember needling one time on an airplane with YLI, and the static electricity had the end of my thread standing straight up. The stewardess thought it was a hoot -- she had to bat at it every time she passed.

About the blocks I posted - several of you have asked me which blocks on There's a lotto drawing for blocks at the annual retreat held by my online group. For the past three years, I have chosen the blocks. Since I've been thinking scrappy, I threw in a couple for just that purpose:

So here they are:

1. Sunny Lane Block - 12"

2. Crossroads 2 Block - 12"

3. Corner Star Block - 16"

4. Calico Spools Block - 6"

I tried to link them for you, but the links wouldn't work.

I really like the spools block. Super easy, and works out nicely from the 2.5" strip tub. I plan on making those in my spare time (ha-ha). I'd love to have a quilt of those.


Kim said...

The Quilter's Cache link took me to some weird advertising site, and by the time I got to the right place, I forgot the name of the block I wanted to take a look at! LOL! Your silk-thread-on-the-airplane incident sounds like it was pretty funny!

Vicky said...

I fixed it, Kim. Thanks for pointing that out. If the link still doesn't work for some, the QB link is on my sidebar.

Gail said...

Thanks for remembering to post the block names!

Darlene said...

I'll have to try the Gutermann thread you've recommended. Since I've only been doing applique for almost a year (after a gentle SHOVE) I've been collecting Mettler 60 wt.

Everytime I see a Spool block or quilt I get enthused about making one. Someday, someday, someday!

Shelina said...

I really enjoy quilterscache. I think that even without all the other resources available to us, I could happily stitch the blocks and quilts on quilterscache and be happy.

Those are really pretty blocks. I especially like the sunny lanes one. Hmm, another quilt to add to that never ending to-do list.