Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fell and Landed Hard

Fell off the stash busting wagon, that is, and landed with a resounding thud!

Dandelion Girl

Just a small order of it tonight, but I have a feeling I'll be poking more buttons before the week's out.

I've been trying to think of one of my Dad's wise sayings for a time like this.

"If you don't know what to do, do nothing." No, that doesn't fit.

"Hey, we're not building a piano here." Nope.

"Come on, Minnie, let's go to bed. These people want to go home." Uh uh.

"If you want it, bebe, just go ahead and get it." Yep, that's the one!!!!!!!

A wise man, my Dad!


Kim said...

OMG, Vicky, I can't BELIEVE you're blaming it on your dad! LMAO! Oh, and by the way, are you poking again? Cause the link is just kinda sitting there, waiting to connect to the specific page, and I figure maybe you're monopolizing it. Or maybe you've bought out the line! Oh NO!

Cowguy said...

"Come on, Minnie, let's go to bed. These people want to go home."

LOL I gotta remember that one.



Vicki W said...

Yes, a very wise Dad indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, what did you buy now? My cure was the other day when I got the blocks for several BOMs and a bunch of fabric all delivered to my home on the same day! I'm not going to be ordering anything for a while. My dad always said "we're not building a watch." Well, hope you make the fabric into something swell. Oh oh, I said swell, hope that doesn't get you to wanting to buy some Swell now! LOL

Karen said...

Oh gosh, did your dad really say all that stuff? Too funny! Love the host/hostess one lol.

Anonymous said...

Ok I am going with your Dad's last saying :) I have a heap of Dandelion sitting in my Fat 1/4 shop cart just ready to press the buy button !

Paula said...

Well, I thought at first you REALLY fell!! So, who cares??? LOL You're safe and we all HAVE to buy some fabric, sometimes!

Miss Jean said...

Well, if you are going to fall off the wagon, it might as be for something as grand as Dandelion Girl!

Yvonne said... had been good for a while. :) And you did finish some stuff and now you have more room....right???? I can understand the fall....I love that line too. :)