Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stash Busting Week 17

This has been an almost neutral week for me.

I've been making the first of maybe three quilt tops for Ginger for the quilt run. I hope to have that finished today. So a lot of sewing going on, but nothing to bust because it's her fabric.

The reason the word "almost" is bolded is because I only ordered one thing - this kit made from Mary Engelbreit's Friends & Flowers line. I've truly never paid much attention to ME fabric before, but since everyone was going gah-gah over it, I decided to take a closer look. It's wonderful! I was poking buttons right and left one night, ordering yards and yards of it with no plan in mind. Then cooler heads prevailed. I reasoned it would probably just be stacked in the stash room to languish for months/years on end. That's when I decided just to order this kit and the backing and call it good! So while this is 10.25 yards purchased this week, trust me, it could have been much much worse! LOL

Jane called last night. She's on vacation and having a great time. It was so weird this weekend because I picked up the phone a dozen times to call her before remembering she wasn't home.

I'll be sewing like crazy today. I want to get Ginger's quilt done before the next one is given to me. Maybe I can manage to bust a little stash during that interim!

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 163.75 yards
Purchased: 199.75 yards
Net YTD: <36.00> yards busted!

Oh my goodness, I crack myself up! I call it an almost neutral week when I only buy 10.25 yards of fabric! ROFLOL


JudyL said...

Love your "neutral" week rationale! You'll knock that kit out in no time. Have fun sewing on the tops for Ginger's. I know they appreciate it so much!

Vicki W said...

I'll post my stash report later today but I had a weak moment this week too and picked up a big set of FQ at the LQS yesterday. I feel for that ME fabric about a month ago - I've never been a ME fan either but that fabric is awesome!

conquilts said...

I almost called you last night. Don't know why, it just popped in my head, "I could call Vicky". I guess I'm having withdrawals. So, if you need to talk, call me!


Becky said...

I find that I buy less when I buy a kit, too. I've looked at the ME fabric, too. I was able to attend Quilt Market this year ( a one time thing). I had a ticket to Sample Spree. I held a FQ bundle of this fabric for quite some time. I decided to buy Wee Play by American Jane. I love '30's fabric. I also purchased a FQ of Maypole by April Cornel. Gorgeous fabric! That's our problem. They keep making luscious fabric. It's time they made ugly fabric to give us a break.

Take care!

Perry said...

I would call 10.25 yards almost neutral, lol. That is a really cute ME quilt kit you bought. I expect to see it on your blog in 2 weeks, that is plenty of time for you, lol. Thanks again for posting about Katy on your blog. I really appreciate it!