Sunday, April 06, 2008

What Can I Say? Week 14

All those fabrics that I fell in love with after Fall Market, and had on my short list to buy, have hit the stores. Busted virtually nothing - 1 yard - and purchased a lot.

I was going to blame this whole week on Patchwork Party, LOL, but that won't fly. I'm not going to even try to calculate the yardage in those 12 block packages; too many small pieces. I'm working on those blocks now, so only the backing and finishing kit will be counted and busted.

Oh, well, confession is good for the soul.

Patchwork Party backing - 8.5 yards
Patchwork Party finishing kit - 9.75 yards
Hemming House - 8 yards
Judie Rothermel patriotics - 11 yards
Garden Inspirations - 12.75 yards

Grand total purchased this week - 51.00 yards.

Year-to-Date Totals:

Busted: 135.0 yards
Purchased: 167.50 yards
Net YTD: <32.5> yards busted!

And I was doing so good! I'm pretty much done buying until I make my list after Spring Market. Wait, I've got one more small order (14 yards) coming from Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop. I ordered some more Prairie Paisley, Dandelion Girl, and the checks from the Flowers for Emma line. But I've got a few good months of sewing AND BUSTING before the fall lines are available for purchase. At least there are 135 yards gone from the stash room this year. It's the old "is the glass half full or half empty" question. :)

Two more hard weeks at work, and then things should be easier. I won't be so tired and stressed when I get home, and will be much more productive in the sewing room. I've got LOTS of ground to make up here! LOL


Vicki W said...

It's therapy. It's all OK!

Randi said...

I see I'm not the only one "busted" on not stash!

Lori in South Dakota said...

there must be something in the air.....!! But we LOVE our stashes! Enjoy the fabric.

Becky said...

You do have fabulous taste in fabric!!! I do love the Prairie Paisley collection. What do you think of the templates? I did a shop BOM year before last with Marti Michelle templates. I learned a great deal, but won't do another project with them. It just took too long to cut out the templates. They do make beautiful quilts.

julieQ said...

You know, you are doing great, you are using your fabric and enjoying it! Such lovely blocks you are working on, just pretty!

Sue R said...

I agree with Julie, you're obviously using your stash, and lots of it, so you're doing good!

Kim said...

[Shhhh! Don't tell Vicky, but I think she's forgotten that all the Christmas lines will soon be making their way onto quilt shop shelves . . . . LOL!]

Hey, here's Dr. Kim's advice: Go rob a bank. Then you'll have a whole lot more money for fabric and a new, LARGER house and/or storage unit. The best part of the plan, though, is that you'll have something to feel REALLY guilty about! ROFLOL!