Friday, June 02, 2006

Another UFO

Everywhere I look I keep finding more of them. The sad thing is this one just needs a little "reverse sewing" on the inside border quilting and it'll be done. I was just so mad at myself when I was quilting it that I just folded it up and put it away.

This quilt is from Alex Anderson's applique book. The book and some hand dyed fabrics were given to me by my Secret Santa's Elf that year; he dyed them himself. My Secret Quilter for the year gave me the rest of the hand dyes. Then at Alex's retreat in 2004 I asked her if she could bring hers the next day so I could look at the quilting on it. She did. It was kind of fun to see them laying side by side! No doubt about which one was mine, but it wasn't that bad next to the original!

This is 1st Weekend which means I have to work on Christmas projects! I need to find the magazine that had a quilt I want to make for my oldest niece. Her sister's quilt has been made for over three years, but I can't give one without the other. They're 36 and 41 and still think about things like that! LOL! Guess I need to head upstairs and dig in those magazines on the bottom shelf of the bookcases.


Finn said...

What a great applique quilt Vicky! I'm not much for applique, but I sure do like this one..*VBS*

And what a great idea to set on weekend a month aside for a certain reason...that never occured to me...great plan!!!

KCQuilter said...

Vicky, I have that exact Alex Anderson applique quilt in my UFO stash!!! It was the pattern used when I took a needleturn applique class at the LQS! I kept holding off on finishing it till I got my Bernina Stitch Regulator. Well, I got the BSR but still the quilt languishes in the closet!!

Norma said...

I love the idea of scheduling time to work on Christmas projects. Great idea! You are very organized!

cher said...

we have a group that promotes the 25th of each month for working on Christmas gifts-hope you make progress on the niece quilt! And, I hope you finish that beautiful ufo! consider it a gift to yourself :-)

anne bebbington said...

Oooh those space dyed fabrics are to dye for - I love the crushed raspberry, deep purple and mustard in the border - in fact scrub that I just love them all - haven't done any dyeing since we moved here last September - time to get out the stuff and play again soon I think

Linda_J said...

What a charming quilt!

Next month I will have to join you on the 1st weekend Christmas detail. I have a piece of redwork here that just needs the borders put on and an almost done applique project among other things. That might help give it a kick start.

This one, I've got something esle on my plate.