Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This is the other quilt that intrigued me at Road to California 2004. What first caught my eye were the pomegranates. I appliqued those once and loved doing them, and haved picked up more patterns using them but never got around to them. Another one with tiny pieces, but was a real beauty up close and personal. Wish I had thought to write down the quiltmakers' names on these quilts!

I called the management company today about the smell in the attic over the garage. She said my neighbor complained, too. Might be a squirrel or other such varmit that got up there and kicked the bucket. She said she would get the pest control company up there on Friday to check it out. I would HATE to have that job!! I figure in this heat by then it'll be totally decomposed - or at least I hope so.

Jeanne, it was cooler here today, too. I actually went for a short stroll at lunchtime. Found the sweet olive tree! Smelled wonderful!

Tonight, to avoid coming home before I had to (don't tell Daisy I said that!), I went over to Target and walked around. I only had to pick up one thing, but you know how that is!!

My gratitude today is a real peaceful feeling. I know I've posted that before, but after several years of unhappiness, it feels so wonderful to walk into a peaceful home. Oh, another gratitude: the little duck that Sally gave me. I smile every time I look at it! I just saw it and smiled big time!


Linda_J said...

The pomegranates must not have posted but boy, oh boy what a stunning quilt. Really small HST's,are they?

ForestJane said...

It makes me wonder what you've got up there if the last tenant smelled it too... let us know!

Passionate Quilter said...

love those quilts too--and I love that Triangulations CD too--sure makes quick work for those little HST.

hope you find the source of your awful smell--my studio smelled like that and I finally found a dead mouse in my dehumidifier. Ewwww....