Saturday, June 10, 2006

Leaf Progress

This is the first time I've laid them all out to see what they'll look like. The ones that are not sashed yet I did today. When I rummaged through the project bag this morning, I discovered that I had already cut the remaining leaf pieces out and had them all organized in a little plastic snap pouch. It took me a little while to orient myself again on this project, but I'm going to get this one finished up in the next couple of weeks. I really like this quilt.

It was a fun sew-in day at The Fabric Patch. The owner was going through her expansive book collection and had authors A-D culled and out for sale. I picked up a bunch of old applique books. Great books. I can't wait to sit down tonight and go through them. I also picked up a few half yard cuts of some more brights for my Freddy collection. And some really fine Clover pins. These are nice, and my Bernina didn't mind sewing over them a bit! :)

My gratitude today is a haircut - although way shorter than I wanted. Oh, well, it'll be cooler and easier to fix this summer!


Anonymous said...

Those leaf blocks are very, very pretty!

Doodlebug Gail said...

A "way shorter" haircut - as short as mine? LOL

Vicky, I love those leaf blocks and I hope you get to use it as soon as this coming Fall. Want my address in case the California weather doesn't get cool enough for you?

I really do envy your sew-in days at the store. What fun you have. I'm beginning to resent the fact that life is getting in the way of my sewing time.

Gail L.

ForestJane said...

Very nice!

What size of bed is this one going to fit? How many more blocks do you have to go?

dot said...

LOve those leaves. Short hair always grows longer. Enjoy the summer with your shorter style.

anne bebbington said...

super leaves - love how you've set them at an angle - look like falling autumn leaves :o)

Laurie said...

These are GORGEOUS! This quilt is going to be a beauty!

Linda_J said...

my, how pretty these are turning out!

Hanne said...

Lovely leaf blocks :-)