Saturday, June 10, 2006

Delivered Finally

This is what will be seen when you walk in the front door. Not the best decorating idea at all, but at least I won't be staring at a blank wall any more.

I was disappointed when it was delivered last night because they stained it instead of just putting on a clear lacquer like the others upstairs. I really was considering returning it. Someday when I get all those shelves together in the beautiful studio I have planned out in my head, this one won't match. But then I realized that it matches the downstairs furniture much better, and it's what I have to look at until I decide whether I want to buy another house out here. So it stays!

Can't believe I'm so excited over a silly bookshelf. I love getting tubs and containers. I'm always beside myself with anticipation of what I can put in them. I'm going to unpack some books in the garage tonight, and then figure out where everything will go on the shelves. Lots of room for some quilts, too.

I rummaged around in my closet last night and pulled out some quilts. I made one trip downstairs with an armload, and then decided it would be much easier just to drop them from the balcony above. Daisy was sitting about six feet away, so I dropped three or four quilts. It scared the bejeebers out of her. She jumped and all four feet came off the floor! I dropped over another pile, and that was enough for her. She yelped and ran in her kennel. Took me ten minutes to coax her out of there. She's SO brave! Jane said last night, when I was telling her about my "killer" dog, that Daisy must have thought, "Oh, great, I knew it would come to this! Now quilts are falling from the sky!"

I'm off for a new hairdo and a sew-in day at The Fabric Patch.

My gratitude today: Just rejoicing over all the little pleasures in life!


Hanne said...

I like your bookshelf and you telling about your dog thinking it is coming quilts from the sky made me laugh :-)

Jeanne said...

Lovely cabinet, and won't it feel good to get more stuff organized!?
Jeanne :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that bookcase is great. It'll look wonderful with "stuff". I hope that you'll put some folded quilts on a shelf or two.

Laurie said...

poor daisy! lol...can't blame her for not wanting to come out! The bookcase is nice as well!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I laughed out loud at the thought of Daisy getting airborne like a cartoon dog! Poor little pup!

I just had my quilting friends over this morning, and one spent some time looking at the books in my front bookcase. I found myself wishing they matched better (just for looks), but think they represent interests.

Several days ago, you had a gratitude you said you had had before (a peaceful feeling on coming home)...considering how hard-won your peaceful home is, it's worth being grateful for multiple times!

Linda_J said...

quilts falling from the sky---good one, Vicky! Poor Daisy dogger though. So if we don't see you for a day or two, you are probably putting things away and re-organizing?

Tracey said...

Oh my gosh, Vicky! I LOL when I read about poor Daisy and the quilts falling from the sky! :oP She sounds a lot like Sadie...puts on a good front but when it comes down to it she's a real chicken. ;o)

I think the bookcase looks great...and will look beautiful once you get some of your quilts stacked in there. Make sure to take a pic when you do, 'kay? :oD

ForestJane said...

I like the dark wood - you can put 'light' quilts stacked on this one, and they'll show off well against the gleaming wood. :)