Tuesday, June 13, 2006


That does it! I'm going to get a little Weber BBQ pit this weekend. When I opened the door tonight to walk Daisy, several neighbors were grilling, and now I am SO hungry! I've got a bunch of steaks in the freezer. No excuse not to just do it!

Today was busy at work. My boss, the CEO, doesn't do computers, but I told him that I can send emails for him. So he writes them out in longhand, and I type them and send them. Of course, now he's constantly in my office wanting to know if anyone has answered him yet. I think I've created a monster!

His grandchildren are visiting from Wisconsin. Grace will be five in August. We have the same birthday. And Will just turned two. Grace is going to be designing her first quilt this week. I cut some muslin and sewed it together, packaged up some colored squares, and wrote her a "pattern" on how to lay the squares out on the muslin. Her mother and grandmother are going to help her pin the squares to the muslin so they won't fall off before I can sew them together. We'll see how this project turns out - but she's real excited about making her first quilt! I'm going over on Saturday and I'm sure she'll have the design all finished. Then the work begins! LOL!

This little patriotic top was another wheelchair quilt for the Veterans Hosp. in Atlanta. I won the blocks in a little lotto our online group had. The top was mailed to Judy and she quilted it, and the ladies at the RiM retreat two years ago put bindings on a bunch of these quilts.

My gratitude today is the nice market near the house. It wasn't too many years ago that our ancestors had to grow it, shoot it or catch it to have dinner!


Jeanne said...

We had grilled hamburgers tonight, and I already listed that yummy summery aroma as a gratitude :)

cher said...

oh my Vicky, I have been gone and there was lots to catch up on your blog! First-I am so glad you shared your ten year anniversary story-a brain tumor and cancer survivor! wow...and I too adopted making each day the very best possible-it really helps to keep me feeling happy. love your ufos-and hope you find joy in finishing them up as you are able. I can imagine how excited Grace will be to design her first quilt! how lucky she is to have you help her in this adventure.

Tanya said...

I just started surfing the Blog part of the Internet and since I'm a quilter living in Japan but originally from the LA area I had to check out yours. I go to the Fabric Patch every summer when I'm visiting the States. How fun to hear about your visits and see all the great things you make! I've been checking you daily!

Patti said...

What a perfect quilt for a veteran in a wheelchair. Red, white and blue quilts always look so great.

Here's my theory about decorating with quilts - anything goes! My living/dining area is red, white and blue, and I have several quilts in those colors that I put out in the summer along with patiotic decorations. But I put pastel quilts out in the spring, fall colored quilts out in the fall, red and green quilts at Christmas, and they look just as great as the ones that "match". Take a look around at our world. Mother nature decided long ago that all colors look good together.

Linda_J said...

with quilts, I swear color doesn't matter. They all "go" together--look at nature for a guide. BUT I love scrappy bestest of all.

The RWB combo is always popular even it doesn't necessarily "go" and this one went to a good cause.

Wasn't it Judy who was just saying that if asked to make a quilt you are supposed to say "my pick of pattern and colors and I might"?

Laurie said...

Great quilt! Love your shelves with the quilts on it too!

Passionate Quilter said...

That's so nice of you to gently bring another quilter into the fold. The earlier the better! My granddaughter is 5 and just loves fabric and creating her own thing. I still do the cutting and she "helps" me sew. She's so anxious to sew her own things.

ForestJane said...

I too was not reading many blogs over the weekend, and wow, what a tale you had to tell!

First, congratulations on your anniversary - what a lot you've lived through!

The red, white and blue star quilt is really nice, I like the little pinwheel shape in the middles. :)