Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Long Day

Boss was in real early today for a meeting. Makes for a long day when he's there all day. And I don't get near as much done. I wish he'd just go ahead and retire instead of bouncing in and out. He's what I call a moving target!

It was so hot today in the building. We've got huge furnaces out in the plant that generate a lot of heat, but the offices are normally cool. If it's that hot in there tomorrow, I'm going to get the maintenance man to check out the two A/C units. It was nice to have a lot of errands to run midday. At least I could crank up the A/C in the car for an hour!

My friend, Trudi, has a new blog. If you all get a minute, please pay her a visit. I don't know how she gets as much done as she does with working outside the home and living on a farm. But she manages to do all of that and quilt, too! A neat lady!

This was a little quickie quilt I put together for a friend down in South Louisiana who just had an adorable little boy. Laney and I met on the old Alex Anderson message board. It turns out she lives in the same town as my brother, and when I was down visiting him about three summers ago, she came over with her three kids and we all spent a lovely afternoon together, barbecued, and really became friends. She was just pregnant with little Adam then. When my computer crashed, I lost an adorable picture of Adam at about a year old curled up asleep with his quilt. It looked like it was well worn and well loved -- exactly what I want all my quilts to look like!! Laurie quilted this one.

Tonight I've got to start hauling stuff back up to the stash room. I manage to tote so much fabric downstairs to my sewing area. Someday I hope to get it all on one floor! That would be wonderful! In the meantime, I just pile what needs to go back upstairs on the staircase. I'd better get busy getting that stuff back up there before I trip on it and break my silly neck!

Haircut Saturday. I've been thinking all day that I might make drastic cuts this time. Pondering that. I'm ready for a change!


cher said...

cute quilt! yes, sometimes a drastic haircut is just what we need to feel a lift *vbs*
hope it cools down at work for you tomorrow

marilyn said...

Vicky-I now have short hair again. It was shoulder length and have not been able to anything with it since Feb. or March. It feels so much better! Mine is fine-yours has so much body. I can see you with a Dorothy Hammill cut!

Cut it off!!! Got it dipped too..but more dark than blond!

That is a darling quilt. Taking your YBR on vacation to cut out-still have the fused, buttonhole stitch one to get done for the party. Has really been hot here, too hot to quilt mom's first one, but I will get it done.

114 degrees is a bit toasty-especially with a quilt in your lap to fluff and stuff!



Mama Koch said...

Love the YBR..have the pattern but haven't done one.
Long hair...mine grows so fast, but is fast becoming naturally-frosted!

We're hot too...think it get hotter the older I get tho.

Norma said...

I love your quilt. Excellent idea for a gift quilt. Is it a Yellow Brick Road? Be sure to show us pictures of your new hair cut!

Laurie Ann said...

That baby quilt is just adorable! Be sure to let us know what was in the attic. I am curious!

Shelina said...

I really like your color selection on your YBR. It looks like the yellow is the background and the blue is floating on it. Very neat.