Monday, June 26, 2006

Unable to Post Pictures

It's been three days now. I'm not doing anything differently. Hmmmm.......

I've got two quilt tops with backings boxed up and ready to be mailed off tomorrow. I needed a little *push* on the backings, but they're done. Now to get this mess cleaned up and pull that other one back onto the sewing table.

I sincerely hope someone reminds me to take a vacation next year on June 26th just in case it's been designated "Pick on Vicky Day." Sometimes I just want to go work for a nursery and water plants all day. Of course, I'd probably be living out of my car, but it does sound enticing.

Judy, thank you for letting me blow off steam.

Jane, I miss you.

Sally, you know what I want to say.

Mar, thanks for the reminder.

Gracie, happy you made it safely home. We can talk now. :)

Leora ---- just 'cuz.

Gratitudes: Man, this is gonna be hard today!

* Downey Wrinkle Release

* Frozen skillet dinners

* Remembering that I forgot to get toilet paper :)

* Wide backings

* Laughing at Daisy when she sneaked my water bottle to chew on and got wet


JudyL said...

Oh, Vicky! I hate bosses who act like children. I hope he's very sorry tomorrow and walking on eggshells and I hope you're retired and living next door to me by June 26, 2007. And, I hope we're thinking about trying to find some late season crawfish for dinner so . . I guess that means I hope we're both living in Louisiana. Ohh, I was just dreaming . . back to reality!

I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you.

anne bebbington said...

So do I - bosses who are like that are short of one thing - enough smacked bottoms when they were little boys to stop the tantrums in their tracks before they get to adulthood :o) Joking apart - just because he's nice to you the day after doesn't justify that sort of treatment the day before

Laurie Ann said...

Even if he's nice the next day that is unacceptable treatment!! So sorry you have to put up with that!!

Linda_J said...

Vicky, you might try downloading Picassa and skip the blogger hassles. It is free.

I have not had any problems loading pics since I quit trying to use bloggers photo upload plus you can edit your picture before you send it. I am not nuts about they way the catalog some of the files but it even has a search box to help you locate the pic you are looking for.