Sunday, June 25, 2006


I had a good chat with Judy yesterday about the amount of background fabric I should buy. I seem to never have quite enough. I think we resolved the issue by deciding that I should come to visit her and we would go shopping for BOLTS! LOL!

I spent a few hours at The Fabric Patch yesterday. It was so crowded in there! I really feel for Jane and the ladies - but I know this is all part of closing the store. After I had done my shopping, I noticed that there were so many bolts behind the counter that they were almost tripping over them. So I started putting them away. I guess because I had no purse over my arm and was putting away bolts, ladies assumed I worked there. When asked, "Do you work here," I would reply, "I can help you." :) I ended up picking out a bunch of borders for ladies, finding patterns, locating fabric. I hope I was helpful because at 1:30 I was worn out. I told Jane it was funny because I have trouble deciding on my own fabrics for borders, but it sure was easy to make decisions for others!

The most interesting thing was I thwarted a shoplifting. I saw a lady who was standing close to the front door and she was looking around in a suspicious kind of way. Then I noticed that she had a Gingher scissor set that she was easing into her oversized purse. I quickly walked up to her, put my hand out and said, "I can put those away for you if you're through looking at them." Her facial expression and body language really gave her away at that point. She puffed up and looked like she was going to argue with me. Then her shoulders relaxed and she sort of smirked and handed them over. I turned and hung them back on the notions wall, and when I turned back around she was gone.

Another interesting thing - and I don't know if this happens all the time or just because it's a sale and was crowded in there - but ladies would pick up several bolts of fabric, and then walk around the store trying to match it up. I was seeing that they would abandon the bolts anywhere in the store when something else caught their eye. So I started roaming around and gathering up the wayward bolts and putting them where they belonged. One lady in particular was driving me nuts doing that. I must have put away at least 15 bolts that she abandoned. I hope I'm a much more considerate shopper than that! I told Jane to call me today if I can help in any way. I know she won't, but I'll go if she calls. They are working long hours with no hope in sight for a day off until things slow down a bit. She's going to really enjoy her well-earned retirement!

I picked up several more cuts of background fabric yesterday. And a bunch of empty cardbolt bolts. So I came home and wound all the 5-10 yard cuts I've purchased in the last week on those. Sure will make it easier to see what's there when I'm looking for something. I need to get in that backings closet and wind more of those flatfolds on bolts. It's hard to move those flatfolds around. These bolts standing on end will be better.

This buttery yellow is for my oldest niece's quilt. I didn't have enough of what I had already pulled. There's no excuse not to start this quilt over the long holiday weekend! [Well, Blogger wouldn't load the picture. I'll try later.]

Today I sew. But first I have to do a little housecleaning. Dusting, wiping down the kitchen and toilets. I've dedicated one hour to doing that! Better get busy!


* Availability of beautiful fabric

* Claritin

* Construction is finished on the new wall near the walking path. Daisy will appreciate it when they've planted the new grass!

* An enjoyable couple of hours reading blogs of remarkable quilters

* Blooming magnolia trees near our morning walk


Norma said...

It sounds like you were a huge help to that poor quilt shop owner! Good work on stopping the shoplifter. I would never have thought of something that clever to say!

Anonymous said...

It warms my heart to hear there are people like you in this world...lending a helping hand "just because". Congratulations on the way you handled the little were so diplomatic. I might have been more rude. But you have given me a way to handle things such as that if I ever need it in the future. I love your much inspiration there!


Laurie said...

You were probably a god-send to the employees at Fabric Patch! I thought you were going to tell us they gave you a bolt of background fabric for your work! ;o) I know you did it out of the kindness of your heart! Glad the should is ok as well!

Linda_J said...

You are truly as good a friend to the shop as they have been over the years. I am sure that your assistance did not go unnoticed by the staff or the shoppers, no matter how thoughtless (and in some cases dishonest) they might have been. Star in your crown for the day, Vicky.

kim said...

That was so thoughtful of you! You helped to lift a burden off more people than you realize. They must be going through so much stress, and then you lend a helping hand- what a blessing you were to them. You are a great example of kindness!!
:-) Kim

Screen Door said...

'You are a good man, Charlie Brown!!" People are always in such a hurry that manners see to be the first thing to go. I think about how sad that quilt shop owner must be.
take care

Jeanne said...

Whew -- a busy fun time at FP!

Is it muggy or what??

Jeanne :)

Laurie Ann said...

Good job at the FP. I hope they appreciated all your help. And that was a smart way to thwart the shoplifter!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sounds like you had a busy shopping trip - in more ways than one. Very nice of you to help out.