Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another UFO

This one is 99.99% done. Just need to figure out how to make buttonholes on my machine. The top quilt panel buttons to the back quilt. There are four or five more panels in this series. I want it to hang above my sewing machine table. Maybe this weekend I'll tackle this project. I need to block it also so it'll hang straight. I accidentally sewed the binding on backwards, and instead of just stitching it down on the front, I took the binding off. I'm afraid I stretched the borders a tad. I think I can block it flat again. This was the project in the four-day Robyn Pandolph workshop I took at Road to California 2003. I'm going to pull out another panel and get it prepped next week.

It's scary how many almost finished UFOs I have languishing around. Time to get organized here!

Today was a good day.

My gratitude: The bookshelves are being delivered tomorrow night - finally!


Mama Koch said...

You said it was a good day...but how's the smell?

BTW--Love this wallhanging. I too have several :) unfinished things that I promise to get done.

Tracey said...

I love this one, Vicky. I can't believe you don't have it hanging up somewhere! You did such a fabulous job on it.

The Calico Cat said...

nice quilt... I love that LONG heart.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Lovely Vicky - your choice of fabrics is always so pretty and soft.

If you don't want to do buttonholes you could always stitch some loops to the panel and they can hook over the buttons. Make sense? Are you planning on doing the buttonholes through the batting?

Gail L.

Hanne said...

What a cute Ufo :-)
Oh - I have been the worst blogger lately, and when I have had the time to comment I could not access the comment option. Blogger has not been friendly with me.
So - I am doing catch up for June:
Your antique quilt is so beautiful, and knowing the history is making it very special indeed !
I can see how the quilts from the show inspires you - they inspire me as well :-)
Your Alex Anderson applique quilt looks very good from here. I am sure you will be happy with it once it is done.
HST - I have the CD as well and it is priceless. DD2's quilt is done with HST from it.

Mar said...

I love this too Vicky!! What about a couple of squares of velcro? I like the loop idea too. I gonna believe those book cases when I see em!