Sunday, September 28, 2008

Continuing ...

Mom and Dad's grave. It wasn't damaged. The City has started cutting the trees away, but it's obvious how much more needs to be done. I talked to Aunt Shanie. She went out there after I called her. She will make sure everything is cleaned and repaired. I told her I would pay for repairing the graves that are damaged. I feel it's important to get that done.

My mother's Irish parents, Oscar and Blanche.

Dad's Cajun parents, Louis Ben and Emily.

This is one of many old tombstones out there. I remember being fastinated by these as a child. A lot of them have Confederate flags engraved on the tombstones. I suspect there are Union soldiers buried in Cedar Hill as well.

Okay, moving away from the cemetery, we rode over to the house where Dad was raised. His father was a cotton farmer. I just can't believe there were nine kids raised in that house. The house has been purchased and restored as an original Acadian style home. This isn't the best picture I took of it, but it's the only one where you can see the staircase on the front porch going up to the second floor or attic room that the boys slept in.

This is an old country store that, I think, an uncle owned. It's really old but I don't remember how old Don told me it was. The reason it's even still standing is because it was made from cypress wood.

The drugstore in downtown Washington. Don't see things like this in SoCal! Okay, I'm easily impressed! LOL

Entering Washington, settled in 1720. This is crossing Bayou Carron. Named for Grandmother Perry's family who settled in this area.

Enough for today. I've got a ton of pictures of planting sugarcane, and shots of the sugarcane that was laid flat during the hurricanes and is growing upright again. I need to double check details on that with Don before I post something that's incorrect from a horticultural standpoint! I also have shots of soybeans being harvested. Even ate some right out of the field.


Pat said...

I'm enjoying your photo tour of places you went in Louisiana....hoping you have more to post, too!

Kristie said...

I just love family history! Wonderful photos! The old house reminds me of the one that I grew up in here in KY. There was a door on the front porch about 6 foot from the front door that led upstairs. My great grandparents built the house and I was told it was for travelers that came through and they didn't want to put them in with the rest of the faimly. :) Love memories like that.

JudyL said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'm glad your parents' graves are ok. And I surely hope there are no more hurricanes for that area . . EVER!

Julie said...

I am really enjoying your tour. I just love all the historical stuff. We often visit old graveyards when we travel, especially in the east. We hope to make a visit to Louisiana sometime next year. It has many years since we have been to that area of the country.

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for the tour. How interesting to see your Dad's old house and how SMALL it is, compared to our ginormous (some) homes!

I've never had the pleasure of visiting Louisiana. Enjoyed the tour.

suz said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful trip. It's so nice to be able to trace family history like this. I'm 1st & 2nd generation (Dad was from Austria, Mom's folks from Ireland) so my heritage is across the sea. Look forward to more photos of Louisiana - beautiful country. SuzK

Perry said...

I love the pictures from the cemetery. They are just wonderful, and the house, I agree, how could you raise 9 childeren in that size house. I am so glad you are sharing all of this. We need to remember the past, especially now, and how this great nation got to be where it is...from the people that came before us.