Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My QOV Contribution

Alycia is collecting quilts for Quilts of Valor. I had this top, so sent it off to the local quilter, made the binding, and then sent it quilted but unbound to Alycia. This was one of those tops I got the borders on and backing made from stash during my stash busting frenzy earlier in the year!

And I JUST spotted a huge mistake in it. Oh, well, too late now! :(

Check out her blog, and please contact Alycia if you have any tops or quilts to donate.

And to give credit where credit is due, this is a pattern that Judy designed and provided three or four years ago to the QOV project. It was fun to make! Thank you, Judy!


Perry said...

It took me a while to find your mistake, lol. The eye sees what it wants to see I think. I looked at Alycia's blog. She does nice work. Have a great trip home if I don't get to your blog before then. Are there quilting stores close by so you won't have withdrawal symptoms? lol

Alycia said...

well its not that huge - cuz I have the quilt here and couldn't see it!! Its a beauty and a soldier will love it!

swooze said...

That quilt is really nice. I only found the oops cuz you told me it was there. Stop telling! Design meant to do that!