Saturday, September 13, 2008

One More Week!

One more week and I'll be home! I'm so excited I can't stand to be in the same room with myself! I'm flying through Dallas and I'm assuming all will be well there weather-wise by next Saturday.

When I fly into Houston or Dallas, the approach announcement with that lovely Texas accent always makes me smile! At last I'm getting to a part of the country where they talk right! I'm positive the folks in South Louisiana will be able to understand my order at the drive-thru!!

I got up twice last night and came downstairs to turn on the news. Hurricane Ike came ashore way too close to SW Louisiana where I grew up and where Judy's parents live. I sure hope they're okay. I heard a report that the Calcasieu River was flooding, and tornado reports in Louisiana but they didn't say where. Then there was a horrible train wreck yesterday afternoon here in SoCal. It's so heartbreaking to know that at last count 17 lives were lost and there are fears of more. Like the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11/01, these people were just going about their day when tragedy struck.

My plans for the day have changed somewhat. I forgot that I have an 8:00 haircut this morning. I had planned to stay in and clean house today and do errands tomorrow. I might as well get the errands out of the way today while I'm out and about, and clean house later today. Tomorrow will be a free day!

I want to prep applique to take on my trip. I'm not sure exactly what yet, but I think pumpkins will be involved! I have to finish the bindings on those four Route 66 placemats. I had one done, and sewed the binding on the second one last night. I was fighting that binding and (okay, I'll admit it) cussing up a storm. My walking foot wasn't working correctly. The fabric wasn't pulling through and I was pushing and tugging on it. I should have stopped immediately to check it out. About three-quarters of the way around, I finally stopped. I hadn't put the walking foot on properly. I went ahead and finished it and hand stitched the binding down last night but I don't like the way it looks. (sigh) I'll probably redo that one. Two steps forward; one back.

My camera batteries won't charge. I need to get some new rechargables. These apparently are kaput. Another thing on my errand list. And a trip to Nordstrom's for new shoes. And a trip to the pet store for dog food and a new toy.

Last but not least, remember to sign up for the Simply Sophisticated Club! I have received numerous emails from Sophisticates about their participation. I think we're going to really enjoy doing this BOM together, and the monthly prize drawings are exciting!!


JudyL said...

Mom and Dad have no power but otherwise seem to be ok. I can imagine how excited you are to be going home for a few days. I'm already anxious to go back!

Goodness, when I heard last night, there were 10 people who had been killed in the train accident. That's so sad.

I vote that we just skip September next year. I don't think I like it any more!

Perry said...

September doesn't seem to be a real good month anymore, does it.
I hope you are able to get home. From the looks of the news today it is going to be tough, but being from La I know you will find a way. I lived in Baton Rouge for a couple of years and that is my favorite town of all the places I have lived!