Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Pictures from Louisiana

I don't know how many I can post on one blog, so I'll just try it and see where it goes.

First, Franklin LA. This is where my brother lives, and I've fallen totally in love with this teeny town. This is a shot of the main street in downtown Franklin. We were in Don's Jeep, so excuse that thing on the front! There's a little more to the downtown, but I wanted to capture the unique street lights down the middle.

This is the Historic District. The street lamps continue. The houses are just gorgeous. I took tons of pictures of big ones, little ones. They're all just so beautiful. This shot, though, will give you an idea.

Don and Gail's neighborhood. These oak trees are across the street. The subdivision was built on land formerly owned by Oaklawn Manor, a gorgeous plantation there. The Manor is located just beyond those houses. Bayou Teche runs behind those houses over on the left.

And this is a picture of the side of their rebuilt house. I think I was trying to capture the shop out back. Pool is on the other side of the carport. My bedroom was upstairs. The trees and lawn are still recovering from the hurricanes. Although the broken trees have been removed, there's still some things that need to be done. Their home is just so gorgeous. It's warm and comfortable and just invites you to come on in and sit a spell.

Boiled crabs and shrimp! It was SO good! I'm still thinking about them! A bunch of their friends came over and we had a blast sitting out there eating!

This is a picture of Bayou Teche taken from one of the little bridges in town. The bayou is still high.

The Intracoastal Canal. A very important waterway in Louisiana.

One day we went north to Opelousas where Don and I were born and raised until we moved to Sulphur. This is St. Landry Catholic Church where we were both christened. It a really beautiful church inside.

Then we headed up to Washington which is just above Opelousas. We rode around the town, but the antique shops weren't open that day. Then we went out to Cedar Hill Cemetery where my parents are buried, all of mother's family, and my dad's parents. When we pulled up to the cemetery this is what we saw. A lot of broken cedar trees from Ike. Don and I both gasped because that clump of cedar trees is down right over our family grave site.

Well, I can't post any more pictures here, so I'll continue this on another blog.


JudyL said...

Darn those crabs! I won't stop thinking about them for weeks! :) That's such a pretty area. My sister lives on Bayou Teche too!

Perry said...

I haven't had a crab boil feast in forever. Nothing like them is there? I have loved all of the pictures you have shown in your posts. I hope you get the graves cleaned up, and I am so glad you have shared all of this with us. I took a trip down to South Texas a couple of years ago to visit the cemetary where a lot of my family is buried. It was such a peaceful place, but nothing like where your family is buried. Thanks again for sharing all of this.

munna said...

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