Monday, September 29, 2008

Miscellaneous Pictures from So Louisiana

I'm probably going to bore the bejeebers out of folks, but I want to post some of these pictures so I won't lose them, and while I still remember what they were.

Sitting at breakfast one morning, Mr. Squirrel was playing right outside the window at Don and Gail's. Well, I think he was actually having his breakfast, too!

Arlington House in Franklin LA. The guy who owns this owned a company, the name escapes me, but his company had something to do with developing the undersea technology that found the Titanic maybe. I'll have to get the true details and post them later. See? I've already forgotten things and it's only been a few days. Anyway, wouldn't this make a wonderful quilting retreat center? We could all sit on the porch and sip mimosas when we got tired of quilting! sigh...

Going down to Weeks Island on Vermilion Bay a/k/a the Gulf of Mexico. The whole area is largely "camps" - weekend get-aways. The Island was heavily damaged during the hurricanes but clean-up is ongoing.

St. Francis Chapel on Weeks Island. Built on stilts. See all the mud on the lawn? This whole island was flooded.

Crab traps on Weeks Island. I'm still thinking of those wonderful boiled blue crabs we had!

This is a house boat that was caught in the tidal surge and was swept out onto the road. They put cones around it until they could get it moved. Yeah, right. Like that's going to stop someone from plowing into it one night.

This is going atop a salt dome about three or four miles from Weeks Island. Notice the entirely different ecosystem on the dome. Ahh, the smell of those pine trees was wonderful. It's almost like the hurricane didn't pass right over.

This is at the top of the salt dome, a facility that pumps or extracts the salt. It's a fastinating process.

And this is who gets it out of the ground and onto our tables!

I swatted mosquitoes for a day or two until two huge C-130s flew grids over the entire parish and sprayed them. It was wonderful being outside after that. These things were flying so low. This was over New Iberia. St. Mary Parish was sprayed the following day. Naturally I couldn't get my camera up in time when they passed right over us. So much for those action shots!

And the last one for today ... the side of a building in New Iberia. I was totally fastinated by those ferns just growing out of the brick. LOL. I'm so easily entertained!

I'll try to tackle the sugarcane explanation tomorrow. Don? Are you reading this? I'm going to need help from the expert!


Elaine Adair said...

Ferns? I was thinking that after the plane with the bug spray, those 'things' were dead spiders! LOL I need new glasses.

Anonymous said...

Loving looking at your photos, Vicky!
xoxo, LadyBaltimore

Candace said...

Vicky, Thanks so much for your wonderful Louisiana "tour". Husband and I read all of James Lee Burke books - it was neat to see Bayou Tesche and other places he writes about. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Mary ann said...

I love all your pics. You can keep it up as long as they last - I won't get bored.

jacquie said...

this has been quite a trip for you. i'm enjoying the pictures!

Perry said...

I am so glad you are posting all of these pictures. I am almost homesick for Houston, lol, after seeing all of this. I love Louisiana!