Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Potpourri - any mixture, esp. of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.

The story of my life, especially my quilty life!

I was going to post just a picture of the Route 66 placements that I finished binding last night, when these little yellow envelopes piled on my cutting table caught my eye. I don't know. I'm addicted to buying fabric. What can I say? For those who don't know, those yellow envelopes each contain the receipt for a shipment from The Fat Quarter Shop. I wonder if those are recyclable? ROFLOL

And here's the reason I shop at The Fat Quarter Shop.

This is the first month's block for Sweet Treasures, the backing and finishing kit. Aside from the fact that this is an absolutely stunning quilt - kudos to Kimberly for putting this one together - look at the packaging! Now I know it shouldn't matter to me how my fabric purchases are packaged, but it does. I'm a bit of a snob that way. LOL. Each and every package that arrives on my doorstep is like opening a present. A few months back I took advantage of a sale at another shop that will remain nameless, and I was shocked that my fabric was literally wadded up in the box. It was awful. I had to pull everything out and refold it before it went into the stash room. So when you add awesome packaging to the fabulous customer service and just plain nice folks at The Fat Quarter Shop, it's real easy to figure out why I love shopping there! Hi, Miss Emma!

I'm getting excited about my trip to Louisiana. Just a few more days to wade through at work and I'm off bright and way too early Saturday morning.

When I get home I'm going to be sewing up a storm. I'm behind on a few BOMs, and I need to get all those loose ends tied up before Simply Sophisticated starts! I hope everyone signs up for this BOM soon, and joins in the fun we're going to have making this gorgeous quilt! Remember, Kimberly has donated a monthly gift certificate, and to be entered in the drawing you have to post a picture of your block and let us know you've done it. I'll get it all set up properly when I get back from vacation. I have a graphic for my sidebar which I'm having trouble getting on there, but it'll all be up and ready to go by the time the first block ships! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Off to vacuum the carpet and mop the kitchen. Then I'll have a couple of days to get some applique prepped to take with me! Oops, I guess I'd better think about packing clothes, too!


Vicki W said...

I think that there has to be somethign creative that you can do with all of those pretty yellow envelopes.

Holly said...

OMG Vicky, That's a lot of pretty yellow envelopes. LOL I'm with Vicki W, there must be something you can do with them.

I just love pretty packaging too.

Have a great trip!

Perry said...

Hmm, I think that you could decoupage a whole wall with all of the envelopes you have there; no wonder your stash doesn't go down, lol. Have a great trip home!!

Carol said...

I always seem to leave packing for last on my list too. LOL! Have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten any of those little yellow envelopes in a while, I honestly miss the little business cards and colorful paper clips myself. LOL In fact, I got a "we miss you" coupon from them in my email today, that's how little I have been shopping there lately, I'm being good.

Carol said...

I actually got all of my Designer Mystery blocks done and my first block for the Sweet Treasures. I'm ready to post a photo whenever you get things all set up.