Thursday, September 04, 2008

I've been Sewing a Bit

Just a little, but making some progress on some applique pieces.

I was going through the Dutch Treat book on Sunday to find a block to make while listening to the hurricane news. I found a block called "Hurricane." LOL. I'll post a picture of it later.

Monday night I pulled out the Starflower Charm pattern and started working on it. Talk about easy! I'll get it finished up tomorrow night. I'm going to try quilting this one myself - yikes! No, no, I can do it!! I just noticed that are not one but two seam rippers in this shot! I laughed because I haven't used them at all on this quilt!

This weekend I plan on getting four quilts squared up and the bindings machined on them. I'll have plenty of hand stitching to do. It's so exciting to get these quilts finished up that have been languishing in a pile for so long!

Just over two weeks until I go home! I'm so homesick and lonesome for my family! The 20th won't come soon enough for me!

EDIT: Don called this morning (Friday) and said his power finally came back on last night. My nieces in Baton Rouge still are out.


May Britt said...

Beautiful flower. Love the colours you have used. Would do great in a big quilt also I think. Have to search this pattern.

rachel griffith said...

oh it's SUPER cute.

2 seam

julieQ said...

So cute! I love applique on patchwork, it has such depth when it is quilted. Glad to know you are better!

Jeanne said...

I love it! Hope you get back home soon.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Really cute! Love the lower :o)