Monday, January 26, 2009

Heritage blocks are finished

There are 60 pinwheel four-patch blocks, and 12 of each of the other two triangle blocks. This quilt had better be beautiful because I've already spent three weekends on it! LOL. Now I'm at the sashing stage ... I'll be sashing like forever. If anyone hears incoherent babbling from the Left Coast, that'll be me!

Some miscellaneous thoughts:

~ Has anyone but me noticed that word verification letters are starting to make sense? Or maybe I've become dotty in my old age. I'm getting things like "popitle" and "wamcoot" and "bustar." I mean, they're not really words but at least there are syllables.

~ It hailed so hard last night that there was what looked like snow drifts on the curbs as I was heading to work. We had temps in the high 80s and low 90s last week. High today 53; low tonight 38. There's snow on the mountaintops. I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo that our ten minutes of winter was over two or three weeks ago.

~ I need a new mattress. Mine is only about four years old, but it has a pillowtop only on one side. I can only spin the mattress, not flip it. I end up sleeping in the same two indentations. I guess I could find someone to sleep on the other side to even it out ... naw! I'll be mattress shopping in the near future!

~ Note to self: Check the gas gauge before you get on the freeway! There won't always be a convenient exit with a gas station when the QuiltMobile start sputtering!

~ Another note to self: Turn on the clothes dryer when you put almost every single pair of decent underwear you own in it. Remembering 10 minutes before you have to leave for work doesn't cut it. Guess it's a good thing I didn't throw away all of the old ones!

~ Last note to self: Don't forget to take your shopping list with you to the market. Going in there for one thing and getting home $120 poorer without the one thing you went for is not very bright!



Tazzie said...

You've noticed the words too? And sometimes those words are just so appropriate to the post or the comment ... kinda spooky!
And you know how you're persisting with your heritage quilt ... well, the word for this comment is 'perssest' ... hmmmm .... definitely spooky!

Helen Conway said...

Note to fellow blogger: On occasions where note to self fails and every piece of underwear is wet... you can blow dry it very quickly. Works a treat!

Carol said...

Your blocks are looking great...that is going to be the most awesome quilt and worth all the work. I laughed so hard at your notes to many times have I gone to the grocery...need 2 list...come out with 4 bags and not what I went in for. OMG! We're all in the same boat.

CJ said...

Or microwave them (the undies that is).

KathySWFL said...

Note to Vicky....remember to check said notes...LOL

Julia said...

Hmmm, all of these notes could be to me too! Well, except the gas one. I try to keep the car above half all of the time. But, the undies and the shopping list thing, that is totally me! :~)

Keep going on this quilt, it is going to be stunning!

Becky said...

Yes, I've noticed the words looking like real words and syllables. About your mattress, we bought one with a detachable pillowtop. What a mistake! It slides all over the place. Every morning when making the bed, I have to adjust the pillowtop. Don't know what to advise you to purchase, but steer clear of the one is that is a separate piece.

Life is short. You could copy my Cajun daddy. He buys underwear in a gross lot. Yep, 12 at a time.

Take care

Laura said...

I wasn't going to comment, but then I saw the word verification for this post: "worcell." That sure sounds like a real word. I love your "notes to self."

Perry said...

Like the pinwheels,this is going to be a great quilt. I think you may be entering into the realm of those who forget everything, and so they write it down and forget to take it with. Cheer up, it is only going to get worse, lol. As far as the verification is concerned, I just thought they were a new language.

Nan said...

Your blocks are gorgeous, and the quilt will be beautiful! No doubt in my mind.
Love your misc. thoughts. There are many things I forget to check or do so often. It always seems to be the simplest things, doesn't it? Like the grocery list - I'm always forgetting mine!