Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Millions and millions of pinwheels!

I have the halves all pinned, and sat down this morning to make a couple - just to see how they would look. This part will go fast.

It takes a couple of seconds more to twirl the center, but it's worth it to get them to lay flat. I remember the first pinwheel I made way back when I first started quilting. There was this bump in the middle after I pressed the block. I didn't know much about quilting at that point, but that just didn't look right to me. So I posted on an online message board I belonged to - "How do I get the center to lay flat?" I still remember the answer someone posted, "Get a hammer!!" Honestly, I thought she was serious. It's a good thing there were a couple of "LOLs" very quickly replied to that answer!!

This week is spent doing a lot of pondering and praying for friends. A very good friend and her family has the stomach flu and they've really been sick. Judy's Chad is going off to college. Someone else is finding out today whether the chemo is working. Sometimes boring sewing is a good time to reflect and hold others close in your thoughts and prayers.

It's getting hot here. Yesterday was in the 80s, but it's still cooling down nicely at night. Although it's certainly springtime here in SoCal, the trees outside the front door are still dropping leaves.


Julia said...

Could you show a little tutorial to do that twirly thing in the center? Thanks! :~)

I have Judy in my thoughts too! She needs our hugs! :~)

vickibellino said...

I love to make pinwheels! I was also thrilled in a class many years ago where the instructor showed us to "pop" the seam in the middle of the pinwheel. I'll be in your neighborhood later this week for Road to California. Will you be going?

rachel griffith said...

okay so i'm not a new quilter, but i don't know this trick.
inquiring minds want to know.
your pinwheels look gorgeous.

i'll pray for your pal judy.

Karen said...

All those half square triangles are turning into cute pinwheels. I agree that it is woth it to take time to pop the seam to make them lay flat. What are you going to make with them?

jenniebeth said...

Hey Vicky..I would like to know the pinwheel trick, too!


Beth said...

I wish I could meet you at Ginger's sometime so you could show me that twirly thing, I have read all the tutorials on it, but I just can't picture how you do it! Which reminds me, I have to go to Ginger's tonight to get my BOM block, yes another BOM, no snickering!

jlk said...

Ditto on the twirling! How do you do it?

Lindah said...

Vicki, it looks like you have mandate on that twirly thing tutorial! :-) Your pinwheels are lookin' pretty. I'll be watching to see what neat thing you do with them.
CA weather has been crazy this week, for sure. In northern CA we were so hoping for heavy rain this month. Not! We're wearing shorts and sandals instead.
I agree, there is nothing like a stretch of "boring" piecing to allow one's thoughts and prayers to
sort out. I like to think of it as piecing one's heart into the quilt.
Have fun with your pinwheels.

JudyL said...

I'm so proud of you for getting those half square triangles done! It's going to be beautiful. And, thanks to you and your readers for the prayers. I've been such a wimp when I think of people going through chemo and real loss . . I'll do better and stop whining.

Nan said...

I'm playing catch-up once again in BlogLand. I am so impressed with all the sewing you've done! That's a lot of HST's.
I do my best thinking when I sew, especially when I have something important to think about. There's something about the humming of the sewing machine that's very soothing.