Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Quiltathon Weekend

Thank you, Judy, for organizing the Quiltathon weekend! I'm up and ready to go!

You see that strip of red Merry & Bright sitting there? That's the ONE border I need to sew on that quilt from last weekend to finish the top. I don't like doing borders, so I've procrastinated all week! LOL.

I need to stay focused and get it done. THEN I can move on. The project I've pulled out to work on is Moda's Collection for a Cause project, Heritage. I picked up this kit from Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop a few months back and it's been sitting there teasing me! On New Year's Day when Jane was here, I pulled it out and showed it to her. That was it. I made the commitment to cut it and start sewing those bazillion HSTs this weekend!

When I got home from work last night I read through the pattern. They recommend using 2" finished triangle paper. I pulled out my trusty Triangulations program, and then promptly discovered that I probably didn't have enough ink left in my printer to print them all. So a quick call to the quilt shop to make sure they had the Triangles on a Roll, and then a mad dash over there before they closed. I'm set to go!

But first I have to get that red border on! If not, well, then it'll just sit and sit, and next year this time I'll have it on my UFO finish list! LOL. I know me too well!

I have four quilts that need the bindings machined on. I'll plan on doing those this weekend, too. I'm sure I'll need a break from HSTs at some point! That will give me handwork for next week.

I'm off to sew!!!!!!


Carol said...

Have a fun, fun sewing day!

Lori in South Dakota said...

four tops ready for borders? Go for it woman! I hate borders too.

Infinity Quilter said...

C'mon girl get that border on so you can play with all those HSTs! I'm sure glad I'm done with mine!

Julia said...

I am trying to stay in my sewing room today too. But, I keep getting interrupted by company. At least it has been good company! :~)

I am working on my Simply Sophisticated BOM. I just finished up December's and now I am on to January's. When is the finish date this month? I am on the ball this month. Missed the drawing last month. :~(

Helen Conway said...

Stop reading this. Go and do that border. NOW. It will feel so good afterwards!

Kathie said...

good luck!
this is one quilt I am so sorry I didn't buy the kit for. I looked at it for so long and now its sold out!
I will watch your progress!

Carol said...

I was just looking at your blog and it is so ironic!!! It is January and I am still working on my Merry & Bright quilt too! I am missing the yellow stripes and greens. Somehow they were lost in the sauce and now I am holding off on the whole thing!!! Everything else is sewn and cut, but I think I will just look at it awhile longer!!! Maybe those pieces will mysteriously reappear! One never knows!!!