Wednesday, January 16, 2008


ROFLOL. When we got back to the condo after picking up Judy from the airport on Tuesday night, we opened the front door to take Daisy out for a walk. OMG, there was a box sitting on the doorstep from The Fat Quarter Shop!

BUSTED!! Of all the things to show up when the stash buster leader is here!!

Turns out it was a BOM installment, and that didn't count at all!! Whew!!

She had a good time teasing me about that, though!!

Tomorrow the show starts, and Judy will be signing books all day in Ginger's booth. I have to work. :( Not at all fair!!


Yvonne said...

LOL....that is too funny. I'm sorry you have to work and miss out on all the fun.

JudyL said...

It was pretty funny. For just a split second, I thought . . a nice guest wouldn't pick this package up and see who it's from . . she would just hand it to her hostess and never make a big deal about it. But, I'm not a nice guest! I knew it was fabric from somewhere!

OK .. it doesn't count. You can't stop a BOM mid-stream!

Sewbaby said...

Now that is funny!!!
I won a gift certificate to a LQS tonight at the guild meeting....this is a test, isn't it. And I am not going to do well at all!

Love the picture of Daisy on Judy's cute!!!


Kim said...

You'd better alert the post office to hold all further packages for pick-up for the next few days, Vicky! ROFLOL!

Morah said...


Judith said...

You will just have to say to the postoffice to stock your packages till Judy is gone ;-)