Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road Deux!

I couldn't stand it.  I had to go back over to Road today.  It was chilly but not raining, and I dressed comfortably with good walking shoes. 

It wasn't at all crowded today, which made it pleasant to look at quilts and the booths.  But it was so cold in that building.  It was  hot inside there yesterday, so I almost didn't wear a sweater.  I'm glad I grabbed one as I was walking out the door.

Yesterday afternoon while I was stretched out unkinking my back, I started pondering whether I wanted to go back and look at the Berninas today.  I finally decided why not.  So I went straight there first thing.

I have a Bernina 440 at home and a small Bernina 135 that I haul around to sewing groups.  I've really enjoyed both of these machines.  The 440 is about six years old, and the 135 is a little older than that; I bought it reconditioned.  The thing that bothers me most about the 135 is no knee lift and it doesn't have the Bernina foot pedal that can raise and lower the needle.  I love the 440 but I really fight trying to quilt something on it because of the small throat.

Bernina has some hunking big machines.  I wasn't interested in the embroidery stuff.  So I looked at the 750 QE.  It has a newer version of the Bernina stitch regulator (BSR), new dual feed feature, an onscreen help section, the new bobbin hook, and other upgrades.  The bobbin is larger and holds two or three times more thread.  I played around with it for about an hour and then decided to just do it!  There will be a learning curve and some things to get used to on it, but I think I will like it.  And I'll now have a 10" throat instead of 7.5".  It doesn't sound like much more, but, wow, it's a lot!  It's on its way from Europe, so I have time to get a new insert for my Horn table.

Here's the link to the 750 QE.  This picture shows the embroidery thing hooked up to it and I didn't get that.

There was such a mark-down at the show that I decided to also look at an upgrade to my smaller machine.

I know, I know!  Don't say it!

Anyway, I played with all three in the 300 series, and decided on the 350 PE.  There will be hardly any learning curve on this one.  The one above it in the series had way more bells and whistles than I need for a haul-around machine.  The 350 does have a knee lift, and although the foot pedal doesn't have the needle up/down feature, the pedal off of the 750 is interchangeable with it.  So I can just take that one along with me if I feel the need, or order another one for this machine.  Again, they gave me a great discount on this machine because I ordered it at the show.  It's on back order, too, and should arrive at about the same time as the 750.

Here's the link to the 350 PE.

And while I was at the show, I went over to the Ezi Table booth and ordered an insert for the 350. Frankly, I'm surprised I remembered to do that!!  I'm just too smart for my own good!  ;)

Now, with that out of the way, I decided to go around the booths once more.  Didn't want to leave anything at the show that I couldn't live without!  I went to Primitive Gatherings'  booth and it was pleasantly uncrowded.  I picked up a couple of patterns for friends.  That's it!

I leisurely strolled around the rest of the booths and I'm real happy that nothing else came home with me.  But there was one more thing I was thinking about last night, so I headed over to the Bohin booth.

Bohin makes those wonderful needles that I use a for needle turn applique.  I didn't need any needles, but I did pick up a needle threader.  However, the main reason I wanted to go back over there was this:

These are Nogent scissors that I've been lusting over for quite a while.  I've never seen them in person but had only heard about how wonderful they are.  Yesterday I saw a small glass box with scissors in them and I wondered .........
Yes, they were Nogents.  They had six pairs of them.  Each one is made by hand and no two are exactly alike.  They're stamped and numbered.  They're made by an elderly French craftsman.  The two gentlemen in the Bohin booth were both French, and he knew a little of the story but not all of it.  I gave him my business card and he promised to send me more information.
When I got home, I Googled the Nogent scissors, and here's a link with a little bit of information about who makes them.  They come with a handmade wooden case designed to fit each pair of scissors.  I really can't believe I have a pair of these now.  They're so beautiful, so sharp, and feel wonderful in my hand.  Truly heirloom quality. 
Sorry this is such a long post.  I don't talk much about acquisitions -- well, except for fabric -- but I'm so pleased with my purchases today.  These are my last sewing machine purchases ever, and the scissors ... well, what can I say.
I'm happy!

You know, I often lament that there are not more quilt shows around here to attend, but I guess for me that's a good thing!!


Cathy said...

What a day for you! Those scissors are beautiful, I lust after a pair. And the 750QE - OMG! Lucky Vicky!

wackywoman said...

My experience with all quilt shows is that the last day, no matter what day of the week that is, is the slowest day. I used to vend and was often surprised by that. I dind't notice those scissors (maybe I should be glad); but, I did buy some of their pins.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congratulations on your new machines! And the scissors are just lovely. Have a fun and happy week!

Darlene said...

Oh, I'm so glad you went back and bought the new machines. woohoo!!!! I'll be waiting for your announcement of the arrivals. :-)

The scissors are fabulous - a very special treat indeed.

Kathie said...

wow those scissors are amazing and beautiful.
what a treasure you found there.
new machines yeah!!! Lucky you! I want the one with the bigger throat opening too.
hmmm maybe need to start planting the seed in the DH's head about it! can't wait to hear how much you love your new machines.
good purchases my friend!

Paula said...

You really made a killing in the sewing machine department!! That 750 is tempting me too. I have an 820 and 440QE. Wouldn't trade my 440 for anything but I could see trading the 820! Love those Berninas!! Great scissors too, congrats.

Laura said...

You bought exactly the same Berninas I would have bought ... except I already purchased a 550 last year, so I can't justify another new machine. Sure wish I'd known you were at the show yesterday. I drove down from Bakersfield with two friends. I don't know that I'd recognize you, but I'd love to meet you sometime. Love your blog.

Dee said...

That sounds like an exciting day! New machines and new scissors. My husband bought me a pair of Dovo scissors for Christmas one year and my family just couldn't understand how I could be so excited about them. But a fellow quilter gets it! My main machine is 12 years old now and I'm so comfortable with it, but it's spending more time in the repair shop lately so I'm starting to look around at getting a new one. I'll have to check out the ones you mentioned. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new purchases. I already had a 440QE and I went about a month ago and bought a 530, I love Berninas! I saw Jane the other day at Stars and had a nice long visit with her. I didn't go to Road this year, maybe next year.

Sharon said...

I remember buying my Pfaff, I was terrified to spend the money, but justified it as the last machine I'd buy, then I bought a Nolting long arm :-) There are so many tutorials online and dvd's to purchase for "in home" class, you will have a ton of fun with the FMQ.

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Congratulations on your new machines! Can't wait to hear about them.

Carolyn said...

Hey, I figure with all the fabric you have, you'll need more than one machine to get it all sewn up! Congratulations on the new machines, it will be fun to get them up and running. And those scissors are to die for! So pretty.

PJ said...

Good for you will love your new machines. What fun you had at the Quilt show, Love those scissors too.

Lori said...

congratulations on your purchases, I'll be watching to see how you like them. The links were great--loved the scissor link!

Your friends at Stars and Scraps Quilt Shop said...

Hi Vicky! I had to come and read your blog because there was traffic to my blog from yours. Thanks for the nice comments about the shop! You too are such a sweet person.
I too purchased the 750QE - I currently have the 440QE. I am also waiting for it to get here - can't wait. I just can't imangine sewing on any other machine but the Berninas. They are so awesome. Love how quiet the new one is.
Anyhoo- it was good to see you as always. Have fun sewing on the new machine - I know I will :)

Melissa said...

More than a little jealous on the new machines. I am still saving for my first Bernina. Note to self, don't go back to the show "one last time" can be dangerous! Can't wait to see all the wonderful stuff you whip out on those babies....