Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to the Real World

I felt like I've been in the Twilight Zone for the past week!

Being in a small town really makes you notice people, places and things.  I think the whole town shuts down between 12:00 and 1:00 during the week.  It's very slow paced. 

It's a very beautiful town with lots of plantation style homes, real plantations, beautiful moss-covered oak trees, and very nice people.  I can see why my brother chose to live there.  At one point I saw six cars at a red light in the downtown area.  That, I think, was during the noon hour, a very busy time!

Everything about the trip was wonderful.  We celebrated a couple of birthdays.  I was able to hold and feed my little great nephew.  He's so beautiful.  We ate tons of seafood!  It rained several times while I was there and the humidity was awful.  My hair was curly and I gave up trying to get it straight.  Something I'll have to get used to!  But I think that's a very small price to pay! 

I think I was called "Miss Vicky" about 4,217 times!  If I called somewhere to get information about something, giving my full name wasn't as effective as saying my full name followed by my brother's name and that I was his sister!  LOL.  It's who you know, not what you know!

It really is such a charming area.  I didn't want to leave!!

But poor Penny ...... I pick her up today.  To add insult to injury, she'll get a bath before she comes home!  I'm hoping that she'll be so glad to see me that it won't matter all she's had to endure for the past week!

I'm hoping!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Long Week has Ended

And it was especially long because I'm going home tomorrow!!  The days positively dragged!

Penny was all sweet and lovey-dovey having finally gotten over three trips to the vet in just a few weeks.  Imagine her surprise when I dropped her off again today.  She was probably thinking, "What have I done now?!!"  She'll be in good hands while I'm gone, but it'll take a week after I get back before she wants to love on me again.

I'm so excited about seeing my family.  It's been two years.  The newest member, Wyatt, was born today, 8 lbs, 13 ozs, and a head full of blond hair.  Yes, he takes after me!!  :)  :)

The quilt didn't make it to the quilter, but I'll get that done first thing when I get back.  I hope he doesn't mind his old aunt being a little late.  Nah, he won't mind!

I'm going to be looking at properties while I'm down there.  Must start thinking about where I'll retire.  That is, after all, creeping closer and closer.  The top thing on the list of must-haves - a studio!  I want to be a dottering old lady just quilting away in my retirement years!  So my schedule is full of realty appointments, birthdays, and sight-seeing plans.

Tomorrow I'll be eating good food, listening to folks who talk right, and *enjoying* the humidity.

It absolutely does not get any better than that! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Week in August

I didn't like this past week.  Not at all. 

It's hot.  It's dusty.  It's crowded.  It's So Cal.  What did I expect?

Penny made two trips to the vet this week.  She's had an upset tummy ... both ends were overworking if you know what I mean.  Wednesday she spent the day there, came home with tons of medicine, and didn't like me very much when I picked her up.  Things were okay but not normal on Thursday, and then Friday morning she started all over again.  Back to the vet to spend the night.  I picked her up Saturday afternoon and was told by my favorite vet that she'll be fine in a day or two.  He can't find anything wrong.  Of course, when he mentioned the gastro problems might be caused by stress, I about fell over laughing.  If this dog were any less stressed, she'd fall asleep while walking.  Anyway, it'll all end well but it sure is scary when your baby is sick.

I know she's not feeling good.  She actually stayed still for a picture.

I sewed a bit this week.  I'm laughing now because I'm trying not to show this quilt until it's gifted, but the photo of the back doesn't leave much to the imagination!  These fabrics are really hard for me to work with, so I'm going to push through and get the borders on and the backing pieced, and get both of the baby quilts off to the quilter this week. 

Then there's only one more thing to finish before I can get back to my projects.  There are tons of new things I want to make, a couple of UFOs really calling to me, and a BOM or two needing progress.  All things I want to work on. 

I see a busy remainder of the year for LA Quilter.

Oh, I'm going home next weekend for a visit.  More about that later.

I can't wait!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sewing Weekend

Yep, you're on the right blog.  There's sewing going on around here! 

You'll just have to take my word for it, though, as my new computer and camera are still  not talking.  I'll try to get the whiz guys out again this week - fourth trip - to figure it out.  FIXED!! 

I finished up the Park Lane baby quilt.  Just need to piece the backing and get it off to the quilter.  I want to do a bias binding on this but I don't think I've ever done one before.  I watched a video on continuous bias binding and I'm going to give it a whirl.  But that can wait until the quilt is back from the quilter.

And I cut the second baby quilt out - or almost have it cut.  I'll finish that up here in short order.  It also calls for a bias binding.  See?  This dog is not too old to learn new tricks!  I want to get this quilt pieced this week and off to be quilted, too.

Then I can get back to my regularly scheduled ...... wait, I've hardly sewn in two years, so I guess there's no regularly scheduled anything! 

Made a big pot of spaghetti yesterday.  I'm good to go for supper today. 

I talked to my brother three or four times yesterday.  We're collaborating on a "project."  Long distance.  Lots of questions and descriptions going on.  It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.  LOL.  May be months in the making but we'll get there.

Off to finish cutting and begin my sewing day!

I had forgotten how much fun this quilting thing is!